Because procrastinators are the leaders of tomorrow

Welcome to my dusty dusty blog
* Blows 100 inch of dust *

Reasons of me not updating.. well cause.
I have other things to do.

On a happier note.......
Whee. my birthday is coming.
On the first Wednesday of December.
Midnight wishes make me smile *hints

My shoe size is size 6 okay. (: hehe

And on my birthday week's Friday my family is jetsetting to the glamorous USA!

All the way till the new year. aww, gonna miss the fireworks this time round.
I love the place.
Just opening the dusty suitcase brings back the scent of my aunt's house;
oh the nostalgia.

During the trip, we're also going to drive down to my cousin's uni UC San Diego.
He is a scholarship student !
Can't believe we're related haha.

And yes i WILL bring my addmaths there. Probably to ask him to teach me as well..
As you all know, A.M is my weakest subject. :(

My family bought all these travel guidebooks on San Francisco sightseeing. We're gonna be staying there for maybe 3 days or so, then spend most of the time at my auntie & uncle's place in San Jose, which is about an hour's drive away.

Anyways, these are some pictures from the last trip.
I took very few pics and all these are by my first cammie,
which have only 2 megapixels !

Definitely will take MANY MANY more this time. (:
excited !!!!!!!!!

Can't you tell. (:

Photos from last trip ( Ages ago ).


First off, we can PICK OUR OWN CHRISTMAS TREE in those huge huge huge home depots. !!!
But we have to get it early because the good ones usually run out by the time it's Christmas.
Oh, that's my uni cousin and my dad.


Strap on to car. :D


San Jose Art Museum. excuse the atrocious pink pants, they were bought by my auntie..
And i didn't mind at the time. haha

AT LAKE TAHOE wheeeee. But not going there again this year.... parents think its too cold there. My brother and I spent more that an hour making that small snowman. NOT as easy as it looks.


Oh the majestic lake ! Do you know Lake Tahoe is atop the mountains? (:
Icy icy beautiful


I took that icicle from the roof. It was hanging down. look at how long it is !


And of course, a picture in front of the BAY BRIDGE, which always have traffic jam lol.
And that cute ripcurl newsboy cap is from JCpenney at only $3 ! what a bargain. hehe


San Francisco city center. There's TWO 2 !!! Macy buildings. Just for shopping. thats my bro btw.


Their Christmas trees are really tall + big + gorgeous. Deco is important here. !


The house's balcony.

The houses in U.S.A are huge, and so safe; that no gate is needed.


Another glimpse at the balcony.


As you can see, the sky is so beautiful. It hardly rains as there isn't much clouds. The sun shines brightly even when it's winter. Look at the wonderful colours of this building !
In this building there's this wonderful salad-specializing buffet place here. If I've not mistaken it's called FreshCo.


My aunt's neighbour's dogs. The one of the left is a cutie chow-chow. And on the right..... i'm not sure. But doesn't it look so cute in that furry jacket? (:


COSTCO . woooo!
Snow crabs are seen everywhere. I remember buying 5 economy sized packs of Willa Wonka from here... quite expensive at $7 each bag ( 7x3.6 = rm25.2 /each )


The pavements are really wide.


Love visiting the plant nursery. Tonnes of pretty flowers.


One of my favourite pastimes in San Francisco is to buy bread and feed the pigeons, which are sho' cute . (:

At the S.F Uni ( i think )
All the uni campuses are really, really nice.

So those are just some highlights of the trip. I regret not taking more pics !
Well actually partly cause we were having such a blast, that we need not bother with pics.

Looking super forward to absorbing the atmosphere, culture and just feelin' it in US.

My brother is happy he gets to have 48hour fest of world of warcraft there, with their incredibly speedy broadband. His shopping money shall go to me. ( ! )

Did I mention there's the sample sales and the ikea sized drugstores there? Muahaha.

Oh, and the Satellite TV?

Theres 3 Disney channels and 3 Nickelodeons and 3 Cartoon Network. Not to forget Style Network, Food Network, Shoppers Stopper, E ! Channel x2.................... etc etc etc.

Not too bothered with the channels there tho, I don't really watch TV.

Apparently the cooking shows there are baaawwwrrringggg. Well, my dad said that.
Charlie Trotter - kinda presentation;
you know the precision and all. Complete contrast to Jamie Oliver.

Anyways I'll be back soon. I don't like dusty blogs hehe.
hugs and toodles.

Till I come back 100 kg heavier,
ciao !
( p.s : Check out The Cheesecake Factory ; near my aunt's place and atop Macy's. 50 dif cheesecakes ! crazy. )

(p.s.s : I'm so excited till I'm doing Add Maths!
Call we weird but when I think of going to dream uni 's, I study hard. (:

s.s.s :

"If you like it then you should've gotten an A on it"



  1. hah this post is awesome, I love all the pics and ideas :)