Wake Me Up When September Ends

Piano Exam was ............................................................................. gasp.
pray hard.

I had a blast in Penang.
WOO ! it was total hawker food paradise !

Took lotsa pictures. Shall elaborate next time.
Can you believe it; I sprained my ankle so grossly bad about 2 hours after my P. exam ?!
It swelled to a ginormous size ! Like, I couldn't even walk.
Thank goodness I could finally limp on the second day in Penang.
People must think I'm loony walking about the street taking pictures .. with a thickly bandaged ankle. Shots aren't that great pfft.

Anyways I just came back today and took a sweaty stroll with my parents in SS2 Pasar Malam, which I rarely go to.
Suddenly I see so many piles of people selling Crocs !!

They claim its genuine and all, but really, can you trust night market vendors ?
And to think I paid a full price of rm 120 for my red Olivia crocs ... gack !
Now EVERYONE is gonna have "crocs" .
At least mine are authentic, wahaha.

Btw, ecstatic ecstatic ecstatic.


btw, if you guys don't know what Sevens are :-

Have you been living under a rock? D:

Celebrities wearing 7 For All Mankind click ! click !

It's designer jeans. And they cost a bomb..
Saw them retailing in Bread&Butter in The Gardens, Mid Valley for close to rm 1000 for a pair of basics.

But obviously its cheaper in U.S.A .... maybe around rm 800 ?
It's a whollotaa money for a pair of denim jeans. But, designer !

Apparently it does do what the brand name suggests; jeans for all mankind.

Well, my Levi's are getting a bit shoddy . :\


About the Designer

THE COMPANY HISTORY Seven for All Mankind was started in the fall of 2000 in Vernon, California. The founders of the business noticed a void in the contemporary denim market. Fashion denim had not been seen in the US for over 20 years. The brand enjoyed success instantly at retail. The focus of the product was on women's denim bottoms. The product has been successful because of the fit, finishes, fabrics, and attention to detail. The customer is sexy and sophisticated. Our jeans have become part of her fashion wardrobe. Sales reached $13 million in the first full year, 2001 and kept growing exponentially. The product line continued to expand, encompassing non-denim bottoms and jackets. The brand was quickly in demand in the major cities around the world. Brand awareness was created through product placement and a strong celebrity following that continues to this day. The men's line was launched October of 2002 and has enjoyed the same strong consumer acceptance as women's. Read more...

Shop our store for 7 for All Mankind clothing, accessories, and more!


She got me straight cut.
The fabric is awesome and the cut is superb.

Overall my 7s = love <3 style="font-style: italic;">This is a picture of me drawing my favourite cake !


Till I get a pair of Jimmy Choos.
c'est la vie !

p.s : As you can tell, I'm in a shopping shopping shopping mood. :D

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