This is an " I " post.
Brace yourself as it may be b.a.w.r.i.n.g

Hey peoples!
I've come to the realization that it has been ages since I've posted on the blog.
Just that so many things have happened it happens to be hard to put in words. Life goes on; people change, & no different am I.
After so many years of feeling rather lost, life took an abrupt twist in the form of 2009 & swung me to my senses. I think I have an idea of how I want my life to turn out.
I've learnt to be thankful & totally optimistic!
And here's a handy tip : If you're unhappy, just pretend to be happy. Eventually you will be happy. It works.

Anyways I think my New Year resolutions are starting to fall into place. (:
I ( think! ) I'm less shy now? I think it sucks that when everyone is having fun & I just ... smile, or stare into a vortex of blankness. Makes me look completely unapproachable! :(

My studies, glad to say, are picking up. Next year is SPM year ; meal ticket year.
The way it seems is that everyone is calling SPM the " Make-or-break your life exam ".
Like it determines the outcome of life.

Successful or Sucky.

Did I mention I've gotten a new piano teacher as well? :)
You've gotta be demanding to meet high expectations lah right?
Rachel calls her Miss Forte lol. I do want to excel in my field of music tho.
Must get distinction for Grade 8 no matter what. It's the last grade!
I remembered when I kena scolding for not practicing scales. Zomg!
Well, I really didn't practice ; so there. Well deserved.

I remember every time I play the songs she'll be looking at my fingers, staring it down. Therefore when I play, the fingers form a pretzel & gets all clammy. & It looks as if I didn't practice! -.- But I'm just like super crazy nervous.

Piano exam on the Thursday of the hols. Wish me luck! (:

. Uhm my violin is collecting dust. Sorry William. D:

Rembered the last time I blogged about hoping to get into Ed. Board?
Well I managed to & Xian Qi is now the awesome editor.
I'm now the Head of Graphics.
Felix is Head of Photography.

We have all been promoted before next year cause the seniors have to go on a hiatus for SPM.
How time flies!
Now my time is being consumed by unending assignments!
But it IS a good excuse as a form of "entertainment" after studying. Graphics! Gonna brush up skills.

This month I've experienced my first time organizing a trip!!!
At first it started out as a mere suggestion floating about during Music Club meetings..
Then it blossomed to a brilliant plan. ... the only thing was... which play/musical?
Well I happened to have went KL PAC that very weekend & saw Kaki Blue.

I've heard good reviews about it from my other school friends and such. So, wtheck right? (:
Through all the chaos, rush and stress of organising everything together ; I'm so glad everything fell into place & the trip went smoothly.
( RIGHT? say right. :D )

Obviously from all these activities, my results for the test sorta skyrocketed down.
Except for some subjects which I'm quite pleasantly surprised at the outcome!
God answered my prayers Woohoo! (:

Errr I have English Literature assignments awaiting. Sigh.

Now I just need balance. I think I can cope with that.

I HAVE EYE BAGS! * Lets out shriek of horror *
lol I discovered when I have enough sleep, my right eye will have a double eyelid.
When it doesn't, I think you know well enough I have no caught my forty winks! D:

When did sleep become a privilege anyways?

As for this blog ... I hope the blog dust bunnies doesn't return anytime soon even if I know it eventually will.

Anyways I'll end this post with a lil' picture I edited to resemble the Kaki Blue flier. lol
It's obvious enough it looks nothing like it lah.. :P

p.s watch this video my whole class is hyped about ! The clapping is like so catchy lol. (:

Till penguins can live in my house.
Ciao (:

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  1. Your editing skills is Excellent! Hope can learn from you =D