Facebook Fixation

I know I've totally ditched this blog.
I'm sorry.

During the past TWO HOURS, I've been going on Facebook.
( Longer than I ever had! )

I feel so lifeless, ish.
And that game the guys in class were talkin bout..
Friends for sale,
is like totally whacked.

I just started yesterday and my price was like so .. cheap.. =.=
And it's about 450k+ after a day... and people's prices are soaring as high as 200 mil.
I guess that's the result of an abandoned facebook acc.

My eng teacher disagrees about that game.
She says we can't price people.

Which is true..
that game is like sticking price tags on people. :O


Exam is like over Holidays is like started Sleep is like replenished Hobbies is like carried out I is like busy.

It's an hour past midnight and I feel lazy.
Have to sleep early for 10am violin classes. ( Tell me again, who takes lessons this early... =.=)

So! I'll blog more tomorrow or the day after (or the day after after) .

. The exams
. Teachers day
. Wadrobe revamping
. Choosing, buying semi/professional cameras

But those are just ideas...
I may suddenly ditch and go play Bejeweled on FB.
I aim to beat Amanda's crazy highscore of 50+ k.


I have to buy camera & more clothes.
Observe/help out a jamming session.
Go paintball/Iceskating with Jacq jacq


Oh and that page divider for the magazine.
I have to deal with that too.

I want to go Bangsar again!

.... URBANSCAPES 2009... must

Till I update, soon.

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