Yet another year..


" So, how was your year?"

Ok. A word that derived from a military term for 0 soldiers killed.
Ok. We’re always ok, aren’t we?
Never contented, always concise; this year was as ok as the next one would be.
Funny how zero turned into O in a matter of seconds, causing the world to forever be bound by one simple code to describe no casualties; ok.

Year 2008 wasn't such a smooth year for me.
I am thankful for some events and have to admit I had some fun times, but 2008 wasn't great.
There are often times when I feel life is really unfair.
Unfair in many ways..
As much as I appear optimistic, it would be supremely weird if I was so unemotional.
Like, happy all the time.

I think my outward attitude have managed to convince myself.
Optimism is infectious. So is emoism.
If you hang out with an emo person for too long, you're bound to be affected in someway.
That's why some shrinkers go into depression, I guess.

I haven't met someone who is immune in such way.

I mean, it's not healthy to wallow in self-pity all the time.

Life is how you make it.
But it always help to have God by your side.


New Year Eve party.

My family was invited to a NYE dinner party @ Dr. Quek's house.

Family get togethers. (:

They cooked wonderful food.. my mum brought the rocket ( a type of salad leaf) and nectarine salad.

The Quek family shared some supremely good cheese.. some of em unheard of, like, that pink one- cheese with port.

Sammy brought out a box of assorted mini Lindt s. :DDDDD

Then after that, another family joined in.. and so, I met Kit Ee.

We spent the night just blabbing and Sammy showing us those cool cardtricks and us playing the lame say-the-last-letter-of-the-word game and ate awesome brownies and rampaged Sammy's room and played with Yoda and uhm.. i forgot the other dog's name and saw fireworks thru the neighbor's window and hugged everyone and go around saying Happy New Year!

Yeps. Thanks to the Quek family for organizing the party! (:
It was great to chat and chill with everyone.


This was my
New year resolutions for year 2008 :

Green - Sucessful
Grey - Tried but not sucessful.

1. Study Hard.
- I think I only got serious on PMR year..

2. Stop being so lazy.
- Uhm.. working on it.

3. Look at things more positively.
- Hey, 41% of the people described me as an optimist on my poll.

4. Be more alert.
- I guess I'm picking things up better now. I think.

5. Learn how to dance. (yes, I want to. :D )
- HAHA. I was born with 2 left feet okay.

6. Learn how to cook properly.
- I did, so THERE. 2 cooking comps in school. :D

- This took my a few years before I actually did it. Procrastination.. gah.
Oh wells, it's clean (for the moment) .

So 4 outta 7 sucessful.

Ok, New Year resolutions for 2009.

zomg, too much food in 08. For the love of fashion.. - after I go all obese no one will ever love me.

2. Stop being so shy
ok.. i have always been shy. Needa learn the Art of the Jocelyn - her i-don't-care loudness.

3. Stop procrastinating
What a terrible habit.

4. Think ahead of time
Living in the moment without planning ahead isn't a good thing.

5. Set piorities straight

Till I stop being so fat.
BYE! and have happy new year, peeps.

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