Of year beginnings

New year, new year.

Everything associated with it always seem to be like this ;

New beginnings.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Leave the pass, look forward to the future.

Somehow, what has passed is often perceived as bad or as something to forget.
Well. As they say, those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

So... remember the pass. Good, or bad.
There's still the future, whatever it holds.

I am in the pure science stream.

- Paragraph deleted-

It's was like;
Eyy! So awesome. We get more attention. Less Chaos. More seats. Less trash. Less B.O after P.J.! :DDD

The back of the class is SO EMPTY!
There was like this vast space at the back which we all could just chill / play all-our-shoelaces-tied-together race.

Now theres more than 33 students.


Oh and did I mention Tommy AND Dwayne are in my class?
The teachers that came in looked like they were about to pass out when they saw them both sitting together.

Somebody graffitised on my class wall with a terrible knock-off of Bubbles the powerpuff girls ( Def one of the guys.) and T and D brought in the mirror from the corridor into our class.

And me and Nabilah will be admiring ourselves in the mirror when our brains become mush from Chemistry.
Often with Fizah catching us.
And Emily rofl.
And someone going " Vainpot!"

Uhm, yea.
Now that the class is pretty full, it is kinda odd for us to continue to do so.

Anyways, I'm in the school choir this year!
Y'know.... the awesome bu4 school which win state level competitions.
HEHE! I can't wait till prac.

But actually I wanted to join Exxon Mobil.
Who doesn't want to tryout THE BIGGEST CONMAN JOB ever (Businessman) !
It's so cool lah.
But Choir and E.M same time lah.
So, next year. (:

Haiyoh, Malaysia.

Coca-Cola says Malaysia boycott will hurt economy

Coca-Cola spoke out Friday against a boycott of its drinks and other US goods called by Malaysian Muslim groups over the Gaza offensive, saying it would only hurt the local economy and citizens.

"As everybody else, we are deeply touched by the human side of the situation in the Middle East," Kadri Taib, Coca-Cola Malaysia public affairs and communications director, said in a statement.

"Given the local nature of our business, we believe that calls for boycotts of our products are not the appropriate way to further any causes, as they primarily hurt the local economy, local businesses and local citizens."

It said the beverage company employs some 1,700 Malaysians, 60 percent of whom are Malay Muslims, who dominate the multicultural nation's population.

A boycott of US-made goods and firms including Coca-Cola and Starbucks has been called by Muslim groups who are planning a protest Friday at the National Mosque in the capital Kuala Lumpur.

The boycott, aimed at US support of Israel which has mounted the offensive in Gaza, is spearheaded by the Malaysian Islamic Consumers Association as well as the Muslim Restaurant Operators Association which has removed Coca-Cola from the menu at thousands of eateries.

"We hope the Muslim consumers will fully take part so it will send a clear signal to Israel and its allies not to continue to torture Muslims," the Consumers Association said in a statement.

Former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad has also called for a global boycott of the US dollar and US products in protest over Washington's support of Israel.


I seriously hope the world isn't getting a distorded image of Malaysia.
Esp with silly headlines like THIS that caught my eye on Windows Live.

Imagine them also seeing headlines on Malaysia banning yoga!
( Which wasn't sucessful. Why IMPOSE, right? )

All because of some peoples.
Oh wells.

Me; Mentor? Visionary?
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Till it's chinese new year! ( ZOMG ANGPAUS )
Bye. And have a great 2009.

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