Of year ends

This is a long post. Cheers.

Year 2008 is coming to an end.


So, lately.

I got this dress from ZARA for my birthday. woot.

How I got fatter :

27th Dec.

My neighbor's wedding, at Mum's Place in Damansara Perdana.
First of all, CONGRATS to Chun-Hao and miss York!

Neighbor/Ex-neighbor pic. We all live on the same street! :D

Me & May.

At Mum's Place, Damansara Perdana.

Lawl, I saw Desmond too. What a small world this is.

Kinda odd how we always see our neighbors but it's more of a "Hi!! How are you?" and exchanging food/gifts sorta relationship.
But I DO like my neighbors!
Anyways May here is quite renowned blogger, yet, I'm like this blog hopper and never really come across your site lah. :O

28th Dec

Went to church.
Uncle Brian was talking about forgiveness during the service.

I think it's really hard to forgive..
To forgive friends, sometimes God, and family.
Unfair and bitter events do happen and upsets me.
It's like, why is life so unfair?

I'm really, a tolerant person, but when I'm pissed off .. eek.
Everyone has their emo moments aight.
It doesn't have to be in-yer-face obvious.
Nowadays, people think emo is like some kinda label.

Ok, so Adrian came. Hiiii
Dude, you looked terrible. Get more rest!

After church, Jo, Cha and me went to OneUtama.

Jo, me, Cha

For Jo to get her very first pair of cons!!
And her VERY FIRST visit to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. :*)
For Cha and me to redeem the free GSC movie ticket we won during Click Trick 08.
We watched Yes Man.
It was funny! All of Jim Carrey's movies are.
But the ending was seriously like, abrupt. SO SUDDEN.

We went Wong Kok for lunch. There was too many peeps so we had to sit at the SMOKING AREA. URGH. But we were famished so we couldn't complain.
The table we were on were more towards the outside lah, but we could still smell the fumes.
Second hand smoke is evil.
Cha and I were breathing in our hoodies.

I ordered mushroom sauce cheesebaked rice .. again!
It tastes like risotto. Ha..

Yea.. Bought a top from F.O.S.
Guess that's about it.
My mum said the amount of moolah I've spent for shopping is like, December's, 2009's Jan and February's allowance; COMBINED. Parent's money, that is.

I still have my hard earned savings kay. :DDD

29th December

Champagne and siew yok.

Parents had a champagne lunch at my place.
Usual dad's kakis.
Aunty brought havarti cheese and caviar (lumpfish, but nevertheless, good)!

Mum's fabulous shrimp pasta.

My uncle picked up a bottle of luxurious truffle oil to drizzle on the pasta.

Lumpfish caviar! Lol. At least I'm not killing Beluga..

Wonderful spread.


I think it's the most trendiest + yummiest dessert place, ever.
Sorry but I think Delicious sucks. People go there to be seen, who gives a heck bout the food.

But it doesn't come cheap lah.

Fashion savvy, trendy Bangsar. Where angmohs hang out.

Cheery interior.

There was a very limited choice on Christmas Eve cause most of em where sold out earlier the day. :(

See the one with berries and cream?

Way ahead of The Apartment.

Really rich Chocolate Tofee Tart

Chocolate Walnut Cake. Served with vanilla ice cream ( not pictured).

Christmas Pudding with delectable vanilla cream.

I think I went there like, 3 times in a span of 8 days?
I dunno, my uncle was in an Alexis-y mood.
That isn't always a good thing.


OH. I forgotten to mention that, during Youth Camp, ROUNDABOUT got 3rd place!

I took back the Oreo double stuf. dang.


Mum bought a coupalah Christmas cakes.
Lemon pannatone. It was like rm 38or something. Spensive for some breadlike cake.. >.>

It looks nice tho.

Uncle bought a whiskey cake which is SO DENSE.

Nuts and cherries in every bite.. and that bitter taste.

I remembered for one of the nights, I was REALLY restless.
So, I cleared my evergrowing piles of books at like, 3am in the morning..
My shelves were starting to creak at the load of books. I had to do it before school starts so, yea.
I have so many old books zomg.

All crashed on the floor.

Messy messy.

I remembered I got this from my uncle when I was like, 9 years old or something.
It opens upon hearing YOUR VERY VOICE saying the password!
I thought it was so cool last time. Ahaha.

A mint old condition Adventures of the wishing chair by Enid Blython!
I think it's a keeper.. maybe I can sell it off Ebay for a bomb.. i wish. :)

All tonnes of other books are gonna be donated off, I guess.
Now I have more room for new books! :D


Oh wells.
I'm still thinking of my new year's resolution.

Till I figure out my new year's resolution.

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