Most Diva Moment

This is a contest.

Diva moments for me happen few and far in between.

Cept' for this day when I went out with Nabilah shopping in OneUtama.
In fact, there WAS two diva moments that happened that day. I shall reveal the most diva moment at the end of this post. (:

Diva Moment No.1

We went to this posh Italian restaurant in OneUtama to splurge on a lovely lunch.
It was a mistake because me and Nabster was really, REALLY starving from literally shopping till we dropped.

She ordered seafood salad.
I ordered a scriumptious sounding pasta dish.

We waited for a minute.
We waited for two minutes.
We waited for five minutes.

( Note that it wasn't even 10 minutes yet. )

So, I went to the waiter and demanded my food.
She showed me that look and insisted the food would be arriving shortly.
The clock ticks. It's been 5 more minutes.

Me : "Hey, sorry but if the food isn't going to come in now, we're gonna have to go to a different restaurant."
Waiter : "Sorry for your inconvinience madam, but it WILL be arriving shortly.."

Then she proceed to gossip with the other waiter and they both gave me that look.
No tips for you, lady.

After 5 minutes -
We both bolted in the kitchen and asked the chef if our food is going to arrive
... just as the food has been nicely placed on our table.

Dang. Malu lah. D:
I think I heard the waiter mutter to herself "Sucha diva... ".

Hey, at least I got my food. I was FAMISHED LAH KAY.

Just then, my friend came up to me.
... just shoot me.

She works part time there.
The diva in me was totally exposed!

Diva Moment No.2

At Vincci.

There were tonnes of peeps there.
Little girl with dolly, fashionable teens,tai-tais.. etc.
All the staffs were being all frantic-y and running to and fro to the huge stiletto-hungry crowd of females.
Then, a pair of georgeous espadrilles caught my eye.
I approached a sweaty impatient looking staff and asked for it in my size.

I waited for the dood to come back with the georgeous shoes.
It seemed like FOREVER.. but eventually he DID come.
Then in a wink, hes gone.

I tried em on.
Like, ewh lah, many people has tried this pair on..
I see dirt marks on the foot sole.

I'm not gonna let my beloved pink Pull&Bear sneaker slip-ons get dirty because of my shoe-trying fetish lah kay.

So, I went to a different staff to ask for a different pair to try on..

It was akward.
She was like, " Isn't this your size?"
Me " Yea.. but can I try on a dif pair?"
She " Err. Alright, but it's gonna take awhile."

So, she brought forth a lovely pair of CLEAN untried-on espadrilles in the same design.
It was so georgeous.... until I noticed there was the wood string base is not completely intact.

I asked for a new pair. Different staff AGAIN of course.
She asked me what's the problem.
I said I wanted a different pair of the exact same design.
She looked at me as if I punched her in the face. And grumbled " Ok, miss... "

She took ages to get the pair out.

Suddenly, it hit me that my mum would kill me if I bought another pair of shoes.
Ok... that was mean, I'm not gonna do that ever again! I'm sorry!!

SO. I'm an impatient sorta diva. :O

I think the most diva-riffic moment is the 2nd one, in Vincci.
Cause I was making a big fuss on the shoes, troubling the staff yo.
I feel terrible.
Don't be like me! ( in that way)

For first time readers : Don't worry, I'm not always like this.


PC2 2005 Grads reunion status.

6K ( rsvp to me!) : 15 confirmed in the meantime.
Pauline, Jennifer, Jietson, Shaun, Jacob, Leslie, Tian Xi, Junxian, Jiaxin, Nat, Lil, Jo, Meljyn, Kingmee, Emily, me. (:
Donnita ask me whos going again.

6M : 9? Ask Ying.
6B : I haven't really asked Kimberly.


Dilemma :
To go to FBC church for Christmas service or SIB ?


Working on youth camp post too.
It will take awhile. (:

Till I become a total diva.

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