I feel old.

to everyone for the birthday wishes.
I owe each and everyone one of you a huge hug.

Went to Britney's album CIRCUS launch and got myself a free album.

This album is more towards dancy songs...
I think the songs she sang last time was nicer.
In fact, I could barely hear her voice in her new songs lah.
It was like, covered by catchy beats and the melody. Giving little gaps for her mutterings.
Not saying that's bad, of course.
It's a matter of different point of views, you see. :D

Under all those shocking tabloid stories, pap shots, and freakish reputation, I think Britney is a great person.
Just that...., like all Hollywood starlets, her every single mistake has been put under a huge microscope and magnified more than 10 times.
People can be so judgemental.
Okay, me. Sometimes.
Judge wisely, not foolishly.

I like Britney's songs. So, there.

What I don't like is .. Rihanna.
Her voice gives that irritating distinct ring.
It doesn't help that she dresses like a skank in all her videos.
And they call her a reincarnation of Beyonce. *purge
No way.

Yes, I'm in a ranting mood today. Bear with me. >)

Ok, so I collected my free album. (Yay, me.)
And stayed till 9pm for the lucky draw...
There was all these Britney desperado fans out there. I never knew. ._.
There was this promotion whereby if you were to bring ALL her previous albums, you'll get a 20% disc on her latest one.

A Britney look-a-like comp was also held.
As usual, non of the contestants looked like her.
They had to lil dance/act as Britney-like as possible for a whole "Womanizer" song.
Well, I don't mind that one.
They all had all these funny props like blondie wig, tophat, fedora, circus cane. Hahah!
I wish the guy win lah. He acted like a super exxagerated version of Britney's dancing in her Womanizer video. Haha!
BUT.. one other BIG lady won that comp.

Then, I didn't know there was this cache to getting a free album on my birthday...
Suddenly, they called a buncha burfdae peeps up the stage.


It feels weird to be sung to on stage and a DJ named Chunkay Monkay there.


I totally outdid myself.
I think the shopaholic in me sorta died out now.
Like I said, totally outdid myself.
Went to too many warehouse sales. I have sucha great dad to take me wherever.
Heee. :B

Brand warehouses I've been to in the past few weeks.
Club Monaco,Juicy Couture, Gap, Guess, Banana Republic, L'Oreal group, Zara, Mossimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Giordano, MNG, Shu Uemura. etc

Wells. I'm satisfied with my loot now.

Totally in my geek/book worm phase now.

As much as that georgeous MNG suede bag calls out to me, it isn't exactly entertainment..

I just checked out MPH yesterday and Brisingr is still rm 85/90 ish.
It is just so unfair that in Malaysia, reading novels aren't subsided much, like Milo is.
( Did you know that Milo in other countries are as costly as Famous Amos cookies? Kid you not.
Even my dad's foreign friend takes huge tins home when they come here.)
How is reading supposed to be encouraged if books are expensive?
The range at the library sucks.

All the old novels from the 40s is always there.
And there's an occasional literature classic..
Now, do typical Malaysian read those..?

Malaysian Literature includes titles like Jamal and his Bally Shoes. And phantom of the opera.
How impressive.

All the book warehouse sales are like, OVER.
Well, there's PAYLESS book warehouse sale but it's the choices are limited. Not to mention all stuff are ... pre-loved.
Sigh. I could use more fantasy books.
Magazines have been putting too much unecessary junk facts in my mind.
Oh, joy.
I still watch E!Network. Addictive much!!


I need more W.o.W kakis!!
Zomg, my realm is so lifeless.
Me wants a transfer. Gack!

In the meantime, I shall be killing half corpsed sun bears in the eerily demon-infested desolace which is referred to as Felwood.

Will be going to the Adidas warehouse sale tomorrow.
( Where did this come from? I thought you were sick of warehouse sales? )

My brother needs new sport shoes. Go figure.
It's in the Siti Hasmah hall in Taman Tun anyways.
Doesn't hurt to just drop by since it's so near.

I'm sure a mob is expected tomorrow. Will start camping by 8am.

Till I get totally obese over my delicious birthday cake ,

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