No more exams for 2008


How I met her was probably the weirdest way possible.
At form 1, fliers were everywhere around the back gate and I took one out.
The whole gang of em ( Francine, Carina, her.. etc) were.. uhm.. staring.
Yeah, I'm weird in that way.
So, they asked me what was I doing...............
Long story cut short, I discovered how.. hyper she was. Yay.

She won 3rd place! :O


No more exams. Wheee.


My group won the telematch game!. We got 2 hampers. haha.

Oh, and you do remember the after PMR activities, right?
Yeah.. making soap was one of em.
It was really small tho.

Whaddid I tell yah.
Ahdorable. :)


Click Trick 2008
prequel to FBC youth camp "U-turn, its not too late"

Anyways, here's how Click Trick 08 was like.
Charis and I went to FBC early in the morning, and ... we got our stickers, blah, usual stuff.

On ze bus.

Here's how the game works .

They give a big buncha scrambled words
eg. sabfhbashbasdsnaA

All of em makes up a sentence.

We have to..

1. Take a picture of an object that starts with those letters. Like, theres 2 "u"s so we had to take pics of stuff that starts with the letter "U". Like, umbrella.. Ain't as easy as it sounds.. haha.

2. While snapping the pics, there're some game stations which come out with some kinda ridiculous, time-consuming game to earn a few extra points.
In fact, the organizers said the whole point of em is to hold us up.. well, yeah..obviously. ._.

3. First one to snap pics of all letters to and unscramble the words to a sentence and hands it in gets extra points!

Group with the most points win.

I love greenery.

Pondoks everywhere! :D
(Elsheba's group didn't know what to snap for the letter "o" so they asked them people for OIL. LAWL. )

Sammy = the brain whiz.
And since this was the prequel to FBC's youth camp " U-turn, it's not too late",
.... obviously something had to be involved with it lah.

My group sorta figured it out before they even blow the whistle for the group to start.
We weren't the first to reach the entrance to hand out the pics, but we were the first to complete the game. :DD

So, yeah. WE WON.

We still had time so we went to the Four Season place.

All huddled up!

It was winter during that time.
It felt like I was back in Lake Tahoe, cept there was no winter jackets.



We saw this huge centipede outside. D:

And Vei Shaun touched it. ._.

Elsheba! :D

My group! From left : Me, Charis, Sammy, Ben.

Since we were first, we got ...
* A free GSC movie ticket each. Any movie and it expires next year.
* A can of Pringles
* A big bag of FunTime wafers
* ROCKY strawberry sticks!

It was fun.

So, yesterday was my V exam.
This was my worst exam yet.
DEVO! ._.
agh... it's over lah.

After that me and Nabilah went to shop for Crystal and Charis's bday prezzie.


I guess this will be updates for now..

My shoe size is 6 and I love sneaker flats. hahaha.

Till the first Tuesday of December (woo!) ,

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