Most goodies come baked!

Try and guess what this is.

Looks like someone is baking uber cute mini pink cakes, yes?
No! ;)

It's the process of making M.A.C mineralized powder!

End product.

According to what I've read :

The process of making M.A.C Mineralize Powders is pretty tedious. Beginning as a dough containing a special blend of 77 minerals, most of it is done manually, as was demonstrated at the workshop.

With the precision of a fine artisan and eyes peeled on the task at hand, the young woman entrusted with giving the demo measured and scraped just the right amounts of pink and gold-coloured dough before moulding them onto tiny custom-made terracotta tiles and baking them between 24 and 48 hours in a special oven.

Looks like baking mini cakes! :)



Anyways, just update to share this cute process.
I'm going with Nabilah to watch the much anticipated (not by me but other Twilight obsessed ones out there.Yes you, Shufei.) Twilight in One Utama tomorrow.
Will be seeing alot of peeps working.

I want a job!

But 'rents don't allow cause according to them, I'll be...
  • Wasting my time
  • Wasting THEIR time (Fetching thru & fro, apparently it's unsafe to for me to walk back home. ._.)
  • Wasting money... well, petrol.
  • At risk of getting robbed/kidnapped/bashed.
    "It's not safe as it was last time! When I was young... *insert long story here*
  • .. better off practising my music
    "It's the perfect time to touch up your skills. During PMR I let you off, now got all the time to the extend say boring also. Go practise!"

" You got all the time to get a job when you're at uni next time. Why so in a hurry to get a job? (!)"
" Well, you don't need to pay for my shopping & food addiction. "
" No. *repeats excuses above*"

Well, if I could work I would love to work at...

Free tasting!
I would love a place like New Zealand Naturals/ Baskin Robbins.
How cool would it be to have more than 20 different ice cream flavours right beneath your nose!
Heeee. :P

Like Topshop/Pull&Bear/F.O.S etc.
Queenie told me when she was working at TopShop, they paid her rm 5 an hour.
And staff get discounts!!
Now, if only I know someone that works at Pull & Bear.. heee... :)

I love the smell of fresh books. Really.
And when theres no one around.. I can grab a book to read ( I think.)
Anyways, staff discount, again. :)

I don't mind teaching part time/ Help kids with their piano struggles / Practise WITH them to ensure they're correct.
My bro had a guy helped him with that before. haha..
I mean, that's the best of the lot.
Sad thing is, people either don't know about this/I can't find peeps that need help.

And do not suggest the little brother! EVER.
Even when my mum says she'll reward me.

Little brother =

Maybe I'm exaggerating but, he can be super unwilling to learn. >.>

I'll be off to watch more WWWD:TV. Yay.
Till I watch Twilight.
Nights. :)