It's November

...And school doesn't end till middle of the month.
How bawring.
It's sorta pointless going to school.. seeing as there's nothing much to do.
My other music exam is coming up. GAH.

Yesterday, Nabilah brought her guitar to school.
In fact, some form 3 dudes did too.
And they say guitar is one of the easiest self-learning instrument.
I guess cause it's mostly CHORDS. But it does sound nice, especially when all notes are combined to play a melody. Can be brought 'round for campfires and stuff too!

I actually wanted to learn how to play the guitar instead of learning all the classical instruments.
Can't like, bring a violin to campfires. That would be just downright ridiculous.
Well, violin's the closest sounding to the human voice. Guess that's why it can express more emotion.

Anyways,back to school.
The form 5 Emily Mok came to our class and started playing Nabilah's guitar.
We had fun singing along! :D


Zomg, if it weren't for my exam, I'd ll had time to :

- Bake scrumptious fluffy cupcakes topped with psychedelic coloured icing.
- Clear my wardrobe that's filled with old, tight-fitting clothes. For my last season clothes that doesn't suit me anymore, I'm gonna sell em off at the upcoming BU family carnival .. Which is next SUNDAY, in the BU community hall. If anyone will buy them, that is..
- Go plant a tree/plant. Did you see Canon goes Green? There should be more beautiful projects such as this. *tear
- Watch more GossipGirl season 2. The suspense is killing me!!
- MOVIES! Not the ones screening now, interesting ones already watched, cept HSM3.
I still haven't watch the classic Clueless . Anyone have? (:

Actually, I think it's procrastination that's hogging the time for me to do those stuff, whatever.
"Procrastinators - Leaders of tomorrow"

Sarah Chang violin MPO concert tomorrow.
Oh joy.
Heard she's quite good, guess it'll be more interesting lah.
Will be seating with reluctant kids forced to go, music teachers, snooty aunty-aunty, and tonnes of Mat Sallehs that nod to the music.

I found out about this cute dog.
Behold, a SAMOYED.

My granpa used to have one!!! He was a mechanic once. One day, this guy wanted my granpa to fix his car, but he had no money, so instead... just give this adorable doggie!
It was a Samoyed. Even in the old pics, it looked so cute!!!
I love the Siberian husky.
In fact, the samoyed comes from SIBERIA! No wonder it's quite rare here.
I love Siberian doggies. (((((:
Zomg, it's super adorable!

Pics of the too cute Samoyed. (:

Big fluffy poofy.

Thing about Samoyeds is, they always look HAPPY. :D



It looks tad bit like a Chow-chow. Look at the tail!
Chow-Chows are cute too!!
My uncle has one. They look very oriental. Well, it's from China. haha..
They are super huggable, like a big bear.
When I was in the states, my aunty's neighbour had one. They shaved it at some places so it looked like a lion.

Poof. :D

I have a soft spot for fat fluffy animals. (:
They're just TOO CUTE!
If only I can have a pet that's not fish.

Till I get a fluffy Samoyed,

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