Backstage Istana Budaya!
For what reason we were there I'll let you guess. :)

Hehe. It totally rocks that William is one of the staff there.
We, brother,mother & self went to the staff room below first.

There was all these weird hand scan + card slot security before most of the doors.
Anyways, my bro and I were like, incredibly restless, so we went exploring EVERY nook and corner of the area.

And MAMMA MIA!The Musical cast are coming soon to have rehearsals there!

I'll be going there again so... ,maybe... I can take a pic with them?

The little brother.

The Stage.

Backstage! :D

Staff room.

Volume control room? :D

Storeroom. (Was really restless. :D )

I found a ladder backstage! Like the one that goes all the way up.
They hang the props and curtains at the highest floor.
The one were Erik the phantom of the opera killed and hanged Joseph Boukay-something.


There's this HUGE disco ball prop thingie! I think it's gonna be used for Mamma Mia! The musical. haha.

Some weird leathery octopus thingie.


Zomg, I think I'm going to faint here now.
There's 23 warehouse sales this week alone.
And there's .. hehe.. next week.

I want to go to the Juicy Couture/Club Monaco warehouse sale, but no transport. Sigh.
And the GAP one. :O

Oh may gaush. How sad is it this weekend is the busiest week for my dad!!!

Oooh, there's an Adidas warehouse sale in Taman Tun coming soon.
Just when my lil bro needs new shoes! Great.

My sources? You ask me. :P

p.s : Don't ever go to makeup/skincare/food warehouse sales.

Stuff like skincare and makeup have an expire date too. Usually they sell it off when it's about to get expired/ it's damaged.
I recently went to the L'Oreal warehouse sale which sells Georgio Armani makeup, Biotherm, Shu Umura, Dior, Lacome etc makeup + skincare were sold.
Most the products are like dry, spoilt or.... well.. you can get suspicious of em.
I was tempted to buy those Lancome Juicy tubes at rm 25(retails at rm 95) tho.. :D
but no, i didn't.
I mean, I wouldn't want to put expired stuff on my face.
Since we don't exactly need A LOTTA beauty product, it should be bought sparingly...
but in good condition.
Consider it a splurge.
So yea, don't go to makeup/skincare warehouse sale.

Till I get a Nintendo DS.

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