I'm still kinda in a state of shock.
Well basically,PMR is like THE exam that people has been preparing for for the first 3 years of their secondary school life. Like, zomg.
Did some retail therapy yesterday right after PMR ended. ( Which was at 9.30 am. woo.)
Got a lot of good value stuff.

Like, I went to this place were online stores get their stock. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.
Yes, it's a secret.
And went to the MNG, CLUB 21, NIKE, ESPRIT etc. factory outlets. MNG outlet restocked with stuff from MNG KLCC, need only to pay a fraction of the price.
Bought some stuff lah. :D

If you didn't know Majorlica Majorca's packaging is so cute and it's a sub-brand of Shiseido. It's almost alike. haha.

Btw, still in shock. PMR IS OVER.

Things I CAN do now...
- Read more books.
- Play World of Warcraft ( I NEED MORE W.o.W BUDDIES!! Where are you, GeekaFiq? @_@)
- Watch GossipGirl season 2. Yes, I have it and you don't. :P
- Shop. Obviously.
- Art and craft.
- Exercise all those cupcakes off.
- Be a peace activist!!! I wish.
- Promote awareness on global warming..

Hahaha. I should write some contributions to some websites that I always tune into..
I think they'll pay me?
:D Ah well. It could be fun.


For the whole 5 days of PMR, barely anyone actually sat at their respective positions while gathering before the exam lah.

You can sit anywhere and only Pn. Lee bothers.
Every morning before the exams, tonnes of students sit around trying to cram in as much info as they can before the exam.
Quick revisioning, I guess.

There were loads of people drinking Brands Essence of Chicken.
I guess that's when the company earns the most money.
I tried it 3 times before, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the exams.
During all that times, I fell asleep right after.
I didn't drink it DURING or RIGHT BEFORE PMR incase I fall asleep.
Yeesh.. I think I have like, the opposite affect of this remedy.
Don't care lah. It tastes like crap.

How the subjects were like..
Day 1 : BM
- Was on a panic on Sunday. Sammy and Charis told me teknik plot might come out. I had NO IDEA what teknik plot was about.
They told me like, 18 hours before the exam.
ZOMG, would have just died.
Went frantic during the whole evening...
thankfully I have an awesome neighbour. Lajreena lent me hers.
How kind.. :)
End up it didn't even come out lor. LATAR TEMPAT came out..
which was okay..
I love the karangan choices!!!
But I wonder how will the BM exam will be like next year since this year's was better than expected...

DAY 2 : English and Science
English was okay.. For subjective they asked us to write a speech about safety in school.
Like how we should stick to the rules, blah. >.>
Novel part asked which is the most important event that happened in the novel.
Like, probably 3/4 of the PMR takers wrote about The Phantom of the Opera.
Poor examiners, have to see the same thing over and over again.
Agh! x)
Science paper 1 was good.
Which is a bad thing cause you might never know.....
Came out stupid stuff like petrol distillation and water tank system.
Uhhhhhhh. *died.
Spent so much time studying the organs and minerals.

DAY 3 : Maths and Sejarah
Maths was okay.
Sejarah's back questions was hard. YER

DAY 4 : KH
I wonder why they don't let us keep the question paper.
Maybe cause the topic questions all sound the same..
Hey. At least from KH I know the functions of D.I.Y tools and how to set up a business..

DAY 5 : Geografi
Some questions was obvious, some was ...like, dunno lah.
It was so funny watching everyone stare at the clock when it was 9.29am.
My class people screamed eventho the teachers warned us not to. x)


Many people are considering getting a part-time job.
I don't know if I have time for that...
but it'll be so fun to earn money!
I still have my violin exam next month..
Not exactly completely free. Dang
Maybe can volunteer part time for P.A.W.S or Y.A.W.A ?
Would love it!
Help contribute to the environment AND spend time with cute animals. :DDD

Oh, and FBC's form 3 youth club has a website.

So much to do. :)))))

Till the world stops melting.

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