Post PMR activities

The government and teachers are desperate to keep students in school after major exams.
Thank goodness PMR finished at this time, not later..
and not any earlier..
We have SO many activities in school!
But the problem is, a lot of peeps ponteng lah.
I actually want to work in One U or something too lah.
Like those ice cream scooping peeps!!! :D
Need more moolah. Woo.
Schools quite fun too. But I wish we didn't have to come for normal school hours. Rather go like, only 3 hours or something. ._.

There's activities like :
Drawing a kata2 hikmat banner for SPM peeps, Go to Genting for 3days 2 nights, Go F.R.I.M, BU4 Idol, Cooking workshops, batik painting, Popiah making workshop ( ... ), How to make perfume experiment, how to make soap, how to make fireworks ( WHEE. ), Sukaneka activities ( Water balloon, Tug o war etc. ), Choir practise, Cooking competition, Futsal competition, Basketball competition, Netball competition ...

And EVERY SINGLE DAY before recess, we have to excercise. Gasp.
But it's like only the GUYS that really exercise.

I'm joining the cooking competition with Charis! haha.
She and Nabilah are going to be singing in BU4 Idol.

Events update :
There's an MPH books warehouse sale going on from this week onwards till next Monday. Saw that some fiction books are starting from rm 20.
I mean, if you go Times warehouse sale, you can get books from rm 5... :P
ZARA, Mossimo Dutti, Pull and Bear WAREHOUSE SALE.
This Friday till Sunday at Dataran Hamodal.

I can't go to LOUD 2008. :(
My granma is sick... So, my whole family have to go up to Ipoh to look check on her. And it's her birthday this Sunday too. So yea, hope she gets well la.
I'll be missing the Cuppacake party and Loud concert....
Family first
... I guess.

Till I get a job,

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