LOUD 2008


Cuppacake Party

I went with Nabilah to the Cuppacake Show4.
This time, cupcakes weren't given out in trays, like last year!!!
Instead, they made us wait in line to get coupons.

There was a coupon for a box of 4 petite cupcakes and a coupon for free ice cream.

I wanted to join the cupcake designing comp, but I have to go Loud, so I gave it a miss. Haha.
The cupcakes those contestants designed looked... very ordinary.
Channel V's VJ Marion was there too!
She's SO TALL.

She commented on how colourful I was. Haha.
I guess so. >.>

LOUD 2008.

Yesterday was LOUD 2008.
This is the awesome ladyeh that brought me :

Pauline! :D
I went to her house first... love her kitty!!!
It's so cute! :)))

First thing I saw when I entered the hall was all these cute art the peeps made for LOUD 08 !
This one is made by Paul and her friends.

They had a lot of awesome performances from the teens of DUMC too.
That was before the ultimate BIG concert in the main hall.
It was quite hot there, and there was SO MANY people too.
Everyone was chilling outside the main hall before the main concert started.
DUMC even have a SOUVENIR SHOP... :DD

Saw many friends from ... everywhere..
They had this huge HUMAN foosball court where peeps are strapped on in a line and can only kick at that area. It's so awesome lah!
And there was a HUGE wallpaper for us to sign and a dancefloor mat game.

There were these DUMC peoples with huge wacky hats that go around daring people and the people that got dared gets cool random vouchers!!
Like from GSC cinema, Topshop, etc.

A typical dare goes like this :
A few peeps will have to drink a 500ml bottle of Coke thru a really LONG straw. Faster dood wins.
DUMC is the biggest church I have ever been into.

And I thought SIB KL was big...

Below : The adorable Shufei and I.

Just before the big concert began, the organizers handed out those huge colourful balloon stick clapping thingies to everyone. I got yellow. Whee.
Everyone was waiting outside ready to charge in.... like a total stampede..

I loved all the performances!
Bands included were 1AM, Project Gsus, Junkyard Invaders..etc.
The last speaker, Melvin was truly inspiring. *tear
He spoke about how he had always felt rejected.
From no family love and teasing from friends.. till
he found God
... who always love us no matter what.

At the end, the song "Majesty" came on. I love that song.
Yea, it was a great night.
Can't wait till Loud 2009.
Gotta thank Pauline for bringing me there!!

Till I get a fat cat.

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