So it seems...

Rambling post. I've warned you.

Hey all.
So,.. I've just noticed how more and more bimbo my blog seems now.
"Raging hormones" as Jo would put it. Uhm.
Well. Of course,..there are girls whose life revolves around nail polish colours, gossiping and all things girly. How funny it would be if I were one of them.
Well, am I becoming? (Hint: NO! )

The fact that ;

Overly influenced by E!Network,
my World Of Warcraft account is put into a hiatus,
lack of book warehouse sales
( In which the only printed entertainment now is newspapers & 17 mag.
No, don't roll your eyes..
PMR, ( z o m g; less than 50 days now, I think.)
I still feel all our sultans have the same name; yerr. Sejarah. ,
The only thing I can look forward to in a week now is going to church,
( No scouts, no shopping, no cupcake, no going out much ; Ok, an occasional movie.)
Lack of cupcakes, LACK OF CUPCAKES... o_o .


No wonder la, creative juice not flowing. ._.

I still haven't got the latest Eragon/Eldest sequel!!! Brisingr.
Released earlier this year; July 20th. MUST GET BOOK.
Hope it's good lah.

Teachers have been reminding us as subtly as possible that PMR is coming.
Parents haven't been egging us on to revision.
I jolly well could go to the flea market every weekend.
I hit level 70 on W.o.W.

I am so free I could spend a whole day looking at ice cream melt.

And, of all times,

Yea, I have to accompany 4 violins to play this Vivaldi concerto, probably for Julliad Music's End Year concert. I really want to practice more and get it better but PMR is in close to 50 days. It would be unfair to others if they were superb and if I didn't practice and make the whole song suck. But, the song is actually great. I actually like it!!! Not the typical boring classic-y song. Love Vivaldi's songs.

Oh. I got back my Piano Grd 7 score sheet.

I think the examiner likes my shoes.


My uncle from Aus is back....
with my cute 2 year old coussie!
and 40 Freddo Chocolate Frogs.
which are awesome.
I am getting so fat. If you want some, just ask me. I'll be glad to give some away.

Lil' Madison. :D

She does this while watching Monster House. Too adorable. :)
Madison have this cute aussie accent!
And she speaks really well for a 2 year old.

Which church should I go this week...
The last time I went to suprise everyone in FBC, "everyone" wasn't there. Cept Charis. Which she was shocked. :D haha.
Gosh, I want to go their youth camp this year again!!!
Problem is ..
if I go to FBC weekly I would ALWAYS be late cause my neighbors leaves the house only at 11am (adult service), when youth service starts at 10.30am.
It's quite nice to have a change of youth service..
In SIB ,sunday is adult service. More serious and stuff lah. :D
Well. Not complaining.
At least I get to go.

z o m g.
The last time I visited Cuppacakes was like 2 months ago.

I need... my.. cupcake.. fix..

Probably wouldn't get to update much anytime soon. Gah.
Anyways, if I did, it would be .. as boring as this post? hahaha.
I think after PMR, I'll set up a food blog.
And a W.o.W journal.
And buy more peace symbol stuff. ( Obsessed! :D )
And catch Gossip Girl season 2.
And .. and .. and ..

haha. Rambling off again.

Till cupcakes grow on trees.
toodles. :)

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