Noticed the new "do" ?
Haha. I feel funny.
Nabilah came up with the idea first so...
I have a few of these rm 20 voucher for this S'Pro salon in Cineleisure. ( Still do. Want? )

The hairdressers were like those in Sg. Wang. Guys dress really flamboyantly...
Honestly, if it weren't for the vouchers, I wouldn't really bother about getting a haircut here la.
Might as well go One Utama or something.

The BEFORE s'.

The Afters.

Oh well. I don't like it thaaat much. But it's a change. Now I don't need to spend so much time on my hair and need to spend time in the morning to tie it up.
I look ridiculous. :P
Hahaa. Nabilah looks the same. Only, short.

My uncle from Aus said that Juice Works is IDENTICAL to a juice bar in Aus called Boost! So cool. I love their juiced especially Lychee Cooler. And he says it's cheaper here too. Over there, juice is like about $8, wherelse here its rm 7-ish.
Love it!

Walked around afterwards, finding hair accessories for short hairstyles. Like headbands, and wtv.
Oh! And I got my cupcake fix. Cupcake Chic isn't really that fabulous lah.
Obvious, much.

Heee. :D

Cookies & Creme. :)

There's this candy shop in The Curve called Me s2 Candy .
THEY HAVE WONKA CANDY. And a huge range of imported chocs & candies that are very hard to come by in M'sia.
Bought some jawbreakers.
Nabilah knows the owner guy.
He was asking what else should the shop bring in.
ALL FLAVOURED BEANS! They should bring in those!!!
They're so cool. Comes in all flavours... even earwax, pizza, vomit, ... & the usual..


Went to the MPH warehouse sale in Bandar Utama community centre.
There were alot of those new edition books.
Prices were prob reduced like rm 5 or something but the book has scratches and stuff. ALOT of cook books and kid books.
Those that people don't buy la.

There was this lady coaxing me to buy those Twilight novels.
I'm not interested in Vampire Romance. End of story.
Disappointed that they didn't have Cecelia Ahern's latest novel Thanks For the Memories. Well, I suppose it IS a warehouse sale. :P
I only brought back like, 6 books and 2 magazines.
So little. Gah!

Some GossipGirl novels (But, in TIMES warehousebooksale I got 2 of them at rm 12 each. Here it's like rm 23+), & Two World Of Warcraft novels that I have to put on hold. And others.
Everytime I look at the cover, I remember playing W.o.W. I miss those times!
One day I'll have a post just on W.o.W. Haha.
Oh, and a GIRLFRIEND mag & a CLEO mag for rm 1 each. (What a bargain! :D )
Not to mention how much I love reading GIRLFRIEND magazine.
It was quite recent too. :P

I can't read this. Yet. Reminds me too much. :(

So, I'll have to settle for these... :P

Note that magazines aren't deep. MAGAZINES AREN'T DEEEP.
( I like deep novels at the same time, drooling & dreaming I can own those featured gorgeous shoes. Hey, a girl can dream.)

Charis was bugging me to buy the latest 17. So, yea. I bought it.
Local 17 isn't as awesome as the other mags but.. at least we HAVE a 17 mag.
I wish they would bring in more articles and more interesting interviews with celebs instead of the USUAL boring questions.
Not referring to the USA 17. They're pro! :)
And the stuff shown on local 17 is pretty unrealistic. Now, how any teens would like to buy a dress for rm 2000 +... uhm.
And they often feature the same item of clothing. hmm.

I tell you, no other book warehouse sale can be compared up to TIMES.

Normally it would be held in some place surrounded by factories in PJ, but there's one in HARTAMAS shopping centre now, till Sept 1.
Haven't went there yet.
The thing about Time's warehouse sales is that not ALL books are those that you can easily find in Popular, MPH or wtv. Some are weird, unknown gems that aren't really discovered yet; or last time's bestsellers. You actually have to DIG & SCAN for books.
Good thing is, you can get a great read for rm 8 & below. I found some amazing books last time for only a mere rm 10.
Oh, but don't buy the stationaries. They're crappy. All dry ink etc., duh.
Last time I went, I saw piles and PILES of GIRLFRIEND magazines!!! Mostly recent, for only like rm 4 - rm 5.
That kick started my obsession for GIRLFRIEND magazine. haha.
My room looks like a magazine and books tornado trashed around.
Uhm, it was the book monster? :P

Chic's Closet was such a let off. Only like less than 10 stalls there looking all SAD.
Stall keepers looked bored.
I thought it would be like some bazaar or something.
How silly.
It's held outside a
CAFE goodness me., how on earth could I have thought it was like some, bazaar? The mind boggles.

Anyways, stuff.

Tribal looking necklace was rm 3. Peace necklace & Blindingly colorful heart necklace both for rm 15. Turqoise necklace for rm . Gorgeous rose ring for rm 8.
Not that much of a bargain.
Can't wait for the next Bijou Bazaar or Threadszoo.
SPCA Jumbo Sale coming up next Sunday. No time. :(
Was thinking whether to go to that Padini Warehouse Sale. Should I?
I don't know.. was thinking on splurging on books.

Somehow, I like this picture. It's so happy. :D
It's supposedly a cheerleader smile kinda smile. Crystal looks so cute in here!! Haha.

If you hadn't notice, PMR is coming.


Trials are over. PMR is coming.
For trials, Li Ying got 7 A's. And she said she sucked.
What am I then? @_@
Zomg, not enough A's.
& I want that rm 200 that Selangor is giving for all straight A PMR students!!!
But I suck at chinese.
Ugh. I want Jimmy Choo s.

Get off the computer. Now. Don't be like me.

Somehow I can't seem to convince myself.

Till I stop getting fatter.
Bye! :D

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