Lost Idealist

Lee Chong Wei did not bring back the gold medal.
Ah wells, he probably couldn't even sleep the night before.
I mean, seriously ...
the WHOLE Malaysia is watching him and depending on him to bring home the medal.
Rm 1 million is calling out to him, and the
ever-so-annoying China supporters were chanting Lin Dan's name so loudly OVER and OVER again.. Annoying much.
But Malaysia is already proud of him for getting into the finals. Yay.

Well. I guess being an athlete must be tough.
Wake up everyday doing the SAME thing over and over again, everyday.
...For the next 4 years.
And then not to have brought back anything..
hm.. sad.. ah well.
How awesome and disciplined these people are!!! :)

And their cute mascots.

Oh gosh. If only Malaysia had more patriotic, strong, disciplined athletes.
Then we'll get so many cool medals.
( btw, have I mentioned how this year's medal design sucks? Jade and Gold. Jade and gold !)

So, yesterday was Paul's CF outing.
There were games involving getting into the pool..which we were not prepared for.
so we kinda left early.

Love her! :)

zomg. headless cj7. O_O

We didn't getta play in the water..
Awh Paul. Maybe we'll go to another school activity together. Which doesn't involve getting in a pool..
Ah well, it was fun seeing you and meeting your friends! :)

Last week.

Went to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
Yea, it is 18 PL.
But I think it's easily like 13 PL considering how many scene cuts there was from the Malaysian Censoring board.
I guess it's the themes that make it 18 PL.. ha ha ha.
The theme for the outing was..
*you've guessed it!*

We didn't know what really to watch.. so, chose that movie last minute.
I looked the most adultish among Nab and Cha.. ( It's the heels, really. ;)
So, ... was thinking the lady wouldn't let me buy.. But I was relieved when she said :" How many people? ".

The movie itself wasn't really anything that SUPER.
With so many cut out scenes, it was really annoying. It's like.. after a guy talked then suddenly it's a dif scene.
The trill of getting in was more.

Before the show, we were just chilling around and trying dresses from Forever 21, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Pull & Bear, Zara, etc.

I somewhat like halter tops now. :D

Of course, to get past the ticket man we have to look adultish..
it is, after all, an 18 PL movie.


Fooling around with the products.

Final choice.

I like my eye makeup. :)

Charis went Gothic-ish. Grey & White.
Nabilah, well. Didn't like the fact that eyeliner got into her eye.
So, yea..

&... a post on makegoodtimes.blogspot.com is never complete..
without a pic of FOOOOD!

That big fancy Belgium chocolate specialty shop a floor below GSC cinemas..
We ordered Fair Lady. A milk chocolate cold chocolate drink.
z o m g.
So yummy. :)

You know what...

I've found my LOVE.. <3

My ...... dare I say, .... PERFECT .. PAIR...


So. Georgeous.
Found in ZARA. rm 259 or something.
z o m g .
I want it. Badly!

Of course, we left with a smile.


There's a PADINI WAREHOUSE SALE happening.



Its called Chics Closet happening on
SUNDAYS at WIP Cafe, Bangsar Shopping Center from 11am till 6pm. Every Sunday in August.

My bro is having a dentist appointment this week. Nyahaha. Getta browse 'round.

Till I get a big fluffy fat cat.
toodles. :)

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