I'm Back!

Did you notice how the skies are so clear nowadays..?

Hi everyone!
There's trials next week. Yerr.
Ah wells..
Sorry for not updating lately, been busy getting all prepared for PMR.

I don't like memorizing tokoh-tokoh sejarah who all seem to have the same name.
(Sultan Abdullah's the one that help by British, not Tunku Abdullah. eh. )
I don't like KH. Boring, much. I feel like going to sleep mostly after trying to study it. Ahem.
(Now, this is how simpan kira is done. Akaun Ambilan here, Akaun Tunai there, Akaun Bank here, Akaun Alatan Pejabat, Akaun akaun akaun akaun.. )
I don't like what English literature is doing to my brain. Don't even get me started on Pn. Liao.
( *In pn.liao voice*
OKAYYY CLASS, vee can-kNot be like Dr.Jekyll ah, and fulfill sinfull desires like he becaame Mr. Hyde, OKAYH?)
I don't care about Chinese. Wahahaha.
I don't mind Maths. Whoopdeedu.
I don't like memorizing Science stuff, but I do love learning it.
I don't like BM Cerpens. They're SO WEIRD.
(Heard of Raja Bersuing? It's about a cannibal raja. @_@ )

Before I start a completely random post.
Here's a picture of a terrorist and his makeup artist.

Lol! :D

Cheer 2008.
Yea, I know I'm so outdated. hahaha.

Good job good job. :D

Random events. Bla.

On one of the days, I brought CUPCAKES to school.
Lemon cupcakes! :D

My neighbor got a hamster.

It probably took 30 of my almonds. Whatever, it's too CUTE! :D

It POSES!!!!! (!!!) :DDD


teehee. :D

Tried Starbitez pizza from Pizza Hut.
We ordered a masala wrap & starbitez regular peperoni cheese pizza with EXTRA cheese (+rm3)
zomg, I didn't know starbitez were so expensive.
It came up to rm 50. With delivery la.

(Dominoe's Pizza are FAR better)

They don't exactly look like the adverts.

Ah well, we're sorta like paying for their creativity of the pizza..
haha, quite innovative I've gotta say.
But I think an Italian would screw up his nose in disgust.
So unauthentic. lol!
Quite ok lah.

Zomg, one day, I shall start a food review blog. Just you wait.

Make your own "Pavlova".

Stuffs :
Meringues ( I got mine from Canele, my uncle bought them for me at Sing$6+ each..) :D
Whipped cream ( REAL DIARY CREAM, get that rm 13+ one that's made from france. Tastes more reaal. :D )
Can peaches

The meringues.
Pink is rose, Purple is lavender, White is vanilla.

1. Top with whipped cream.

3. Place peach on top.

There you go! It's not actually a PAVLOVA but it come close to it from the texture and the ensemble.
Meringues and sweeter and have more sugar, wherelse pavlova is more on the biscuitty side.

SO. Yummy!

Will post a proper post when trials are over,k?
This post is so. RANDOM-ish.
Planning to watch a movie and do some.. eh.. retail therapy? :))

( I got a distinction for my grd 7 piano exam!!
Now... what should my reward be? haha. )

Till I paint my nails neon yellow.

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