Everyone's a winner!

Ok, forget the supremely gay title.

I won top 30 for the TongueInChic design comp!
Click here.

Now I just need to collect em. haha. You have each won:
- 1 x RM100 Mannequeen Clothing shopping voucher
- 1 x RM100 Trés Chic shopping voucher

Tres Chic voucher

- 1 x Kitsch for Urbanscapes T-shirt

Kitsch for Urbanscapes!

- 1 x Rume bag from Tiny Tapir

Rume bag. I want.
Like, like? :)
But it does feel extremely weird to see me as the youngest participant of the competition. Most are around 20-29. lol.
I love Urbanscapes. Definitely going next year!
See what you've missed out.
the marketplace

Finally, I can see the toolbar.

Pertandingan Masakan 2008

The long awaited post..
I tell you, cooking in the school is WAY different than at home.
Half the sinks aren't working, and when they were.. it's just a slow trickle.
Marks are given for presentation, taste, cleanliness and teamwork.
Judges are Pn.Lee TW ( shock!), Pn. Zaleha, and uh, others.
We forgotten to name our team so, the pengerusi called us Eternal Aura.
( Corny right? CORNY!)
The team consisted of Tim, Tan Ai, Charis and me.
The theme of the competition was : An Afternoon Tea.
All teams must have an appetizer, main dish, dessert and drink.


Ever thought the teacher's were so messy at eating, right? eh. -_-

Siftling thru cookbooks. At Cha's house.

Tim and Tan Ai. They're awesome. :)

She cooks... because she's Charis! *inside lame joke. x]

Making the stuffed tomatoes.

They won first place, I think. They were really hardcore.
And they clogged my team's sink. ugh. -_- The food's really good tho.

I liked their cupcakes! :D

They carved a whole cucumber into the shape of the stove. Stuff was abit too salty,but hey, all goood. :D

A dessert Afternoon Tea?

The whole place was chaotic and stressful. Because of people rushing here and there to clean plates, cook food, on stove... blah. When it was close to 3pm, people started pouring in. (Looking hungry. Really hungry.)
Everyone had fork and spoons are was trying each other's dishes. Yum!

Here's ahem. Eternal Aura's food!!

It was already messed up by the judges and some teachers.
Clockwise from left: Stuffed Tomatoes, Peaches and Strawberry Delight, Bananaberry smoothie, and Fusilli Ariabbiata. :D
Going to Charis's house to bake butter cake.
I don't have pics. boo.
Her gruncle from Aussie is quite pro. haha. But she only had a microwave/oven typo oven and a handheld mixer, so it was kinda slow.. (As in ... 5 hours.. yea. NOT counting baking time.)
If only I brought the Kenwood Pro Mixer.. o_o
So,... he was like sitting there instructing while we were sweating and running all about..
A girl could get used to that. >_>


Cheer 2008 is coming up.
Seems like the supporters for Blitzerz is MUCH LESS than the past few years!!!
And I thought last year wasn't as alive.
This year seems dead.
And Chernyao was emphasizing on winning the McD vouchers for Best Supporters than the cheer squad winning. What is this!!!?
And Nabilah put my name in Bus 1.
With the cheerleaders. ahem.
I have to be there like, before 6.45am. ._.
Wherelse the other buses will be leaving anly around 7.15am.
But, ill be sitting with them during the competition.. so .. yeaa..
Did I mention how... plain.. the cheer supporter shirts are this year?
ah well.

Ok, trials are coming up. Die die die

aaagh, the violin teacher demands me to have my lesson now.
Till I run out of Ricolas.
byee. :D

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