Magical thoughts

I love anything related to fantasy. Novels, games, movies.
There's that magical feeling whenever you read, watch, or play something of the sort.
Olden myths, legends, etc. It's all so interesting. :D

A good book will transport you to another world.
And I enjoy getting lost in the fantasy world.
Books like The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Eragon, WarCraft.. etc, are great.
Dwarves, Dragons, Magic, Fairies, Elves, Orcs, Gnomes, Trolls ...

Fantasy games are so awesome.

Just like World Of Warcraft.
Sure, the more popular one is DoTa, but DoTa is just mostly strategic war planning and stuff. But very popular with the guys... eh.
In W.o.W, you start of as a character that's either HORDE or ALLIANCE.
Horde is the so-called "evil" side, depending on what you think.
(I'm an alliance. Horde's evil. HAH. : D)

races are trolls, orcs, blood elves, taurens, Undeads, etc.
Alliance ranges from humans, night elves, gnomes, dwarves, Draenei, etc.

Each race have their own history and special abilities.
Like Undeads can eat corpses; morbid, I know.
Humans have awesome stealth detection.
Night elves can stealth completely. SO COOL!
Starting from the first day of your character, you will be given tonnes of exciting quests!!
With that, you will slowly level and gain more abilities, better gear, and group up with other players for quests.
( Some quests required 50 ppl raids!!More of that later. : D)
Everyone have to choose a class from the beginning of the game.
That includes : Paladin, Mage, Priest, Druid, Warrior, Rogue, Shaman, Hunter.
I'm a kick-butt priest. :D
*Click to see my character.*
Whoo. Seargent Hcc.
Me likey.
I've killed 1500 hordes.
HAHA. But there's other ppl that have killed even more.
It's called PvP. Player Versus Player.
Only in certain servers tho.
Like, if you see a random lower-level-than-you horde passing by
>:D *cackles*
And there's those battlegrounds la.
like 20-29, 30-39, 40-49 and so on.
There's this name for players who ONLY do pVp battlegrounds and they have crazily awesome weapons. Those are called twinks!
But I doubt anyone would make an account just for a twink. Cause it gets SO BORING if you keep on playing battlegrounds.
It's usually a fun secondary characters. Those ppl normally make for fun.
Strategize , attack bla. Might as well play Maple Story.
( Yes, I AM mocking it. M.S sucks. : D )
Btw, did I mention, in an account you can make like UNLIMITED characters!!!
But on pVp servers you can only have a certain army.
Like if your first character is an alliance, all your characters in the servers HAVE to be Alliance. :)

I shall talk about how awesome it is to be a priest.
( You can check the others out on the W.o.W website. Bias. :D )
They are extremely important. :) (haha.)
We heal people, give great buffs and are always bombarded with invites to groups/raids.
But you have to choose your talents to be a certain priest.
You can specialize in SHADOW, HOLY or DISCIPLINE. Every time you level, you are given a chance ( a point) to choose which one you want to further specialize in.
I'm actually mostly towards Holy..
but I have some shadow and discipline. Which comes in useful alot of times! :)
A lil' bit of everything.
Like one of the MOST GREATEST talent is to become this ghost fairy for 13 seconds after my character's death, but to do nothing but heal!
Comes in useful when in big groups/ battleground.
To prevent others from dying. Yea.

Why am I typing all this? Oh yea. I LOVE world of warcraft. :D
Like I'm this hero in this fantasy world.
So cool.
The beginning of the game (when your level is low) is mostly not as exciting as lvl 30+. But it's really quick to level, so don't worry.
Can ride gryphons.
Whee. :D
If you actually read through all the quests in w.o.w,
you'll find that it always is a story.. sometimes with unexpected twists.. :D
Sad thing is, you need to pay to play W.o.W. I don't need to, HAH. You don't need to know why.
Graphics are 360 degrees.
You can see your whole character from FAR to CLOSE DISTANCE.

As you can see, I am very much addicted to W.o.W. And so is ALOT of other people.
There must be a reason behind this, right?
Why IS so many people addicted?
Well. Why don't you find out. :)

This was taken ages ago. But whatever la. :D
Currently level 50 or 51.
Dunno.. forgotten edi.
Never played w.o.w since year 2008 started.
Made a vow to myself to not start before PMR ends.
( WAY BETTER THAN MAPLE STORY OR GUNZ OR ..uh.. RUNESCAPE (definitely, DEFINITELY!!!! Literally playdough figures. yucks.parc lah.)

It's called BRISINGR. Go pre-order now!
I can't waaaaaait.


I have to take my grd 7 piano exams in 8 days and I haven't started Aural s yet.


everything I wanted for a cat!!
sadly, fluffy animals are not welcomed in the house.

Just watched Kung Fu Panda. It's so cute!
Story's quite good, funny too.. I love the goose. :D
Btw, GSC cineplexes's popcorn's taste SOGGY.
and costs rm5 for a regular.
I still find the best place to catch a movie ( and nothing else)
is Cineleisure. Which cineplex inside is CATHAY cineplexes.
I always opt for a caramel and salty popcorn mix;
just tell them and they'll oblige. :)
Cause too much caramel gets quite sickly. Plus the CALORIES.. *faints*
It's MUCH MORE fresh there, the popcorn, that is..
and have a fixed price for adults AND children.
And the queue line isn't so long..
Cause there's less people ma.
But obviously One Utama is the best for overall, like entertainment, food and shopping la. The Curve/Ceneleisure nothing to buy oso.

haha, I talk more about the popcorn than the movie.

Till durian smells like roses,
bye.bye. :)

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  1. Ahaha. A rare moment where the nerd in our little Chiee Chiee pops up. Good for you. =D