I love Fridays.

Thank God it's FRIDAAAAAAY! *sing song voice*
Have I ever mention how much I LOVE FRIDAYS? :D
Ah well.....
Cause it's the start of the weekend and I can have a late night out for dinner, shopping, or a snuggle in bed with a good book.
I went POPULAR just now and saw a new book by Cecelia Ahern.
I love her books! Her latest one is called Thanks For The Memories. Would really love to read it, but I don't have much time to spare... hm.
BRISINGR is coming out, 20th of July. Pre-order now!! zomg, this one is a must buy.
(Ps: It's the sequel to Eragon, and Eldest.
Get lost in the fantasy world. :)
Oh, and there's the Gossip Girl prequel too.
What a load of catching up I needa do!!

I love reading loadsa stuff.
For example :
* The Bible ; of course.
* Inspirational books
( Chicken soup, Mitch Albom's books; which are awesome,btw., etc.)
* Fantasy novels
(Eragon sequel, The Chronicles of Narnia, Warcraft novels, Harry Potter, ..etc.)
* Dramatic chic novels
( The Clique series, Jean Ure series, Gossip Girl, Cecilia Ahern )
* Deep books?
( Like one on a Japanese soldier in WWII, and a story about an abused child, what the fast food industry is doing to the world ; ps: DON'T BUY FAST FOOD;, ... etc. wtfzomgbbq, am I too deep? )
( I can't describe the love I have for these. Oh wait, I do. It's a typical girl thing, y'know. ;) Love fashion, beauty, gossip, trends. haha. Love Girlfriend (australia), 17 (USA), Female (m'sia).. etc. :D
And also National Geography (International), WWF (M'sia) and Flavours (M'sia) .
I think I'm the only teenager that actually loves reading it. eh.
* Broscheres
It's my hobby. I collect broscheres. People think its completely corny and parc-y but whadevaa. :)

I'm joining the
Masakan Club Cooking Competition.
Theme : An Afternoon Tea
Prepare : Appetizer, Main and Dessert.
Members : Me, Cha, Tim ng, ... WE NEED ANOTHER MEMBER!!!
Tim wrote himself as the leader without telling us but he is not even acting like one.
Competition is this Wednesday and he still keeps on delaying discussions and we haven't even started yet.
Went to his class today to see him surrounded by a buncha girls playing monopoly. Rather that than discussing with your team, as a leader, eh? Call yourself a leader somemore.

Here's an idea for appitizer. It's a small tomato that have been halved and the core and seeds have been scopped out as the edible dish.
The filling is mashed eggs with tartare sauce and finely chopped celery for some added crunchy texture in the smooth creamy egg.
Topped with herbs and served cold on the tomato, with ruffled lettuce.

It looks rather funny here, but whatever. It taste SO GOOOOOD. Alas, it's fattening. (Must be the tartare sauce. ._.

For the main, maybe something easy and cute like
pizza muffin..
A muffin cup lined with pizza dough with roughly chopped sausages, vege mix etc, with tomato puree and baked with cheeeeeese. mm, Pizza muffin! :)

Charis got the idea of a Peach and Strawberry Salsa dessert!
Since salsa means mix ( as she says.) , I guess we just need to cube and mix it up, then serve with whipped creme fraiche. Probably in a cute glass cup...

Oh yea, there's Hari Bakat tomorrow.
At first I didn't want to go. I mean, most of the performance will be traditional dances.
(Like, WHY, Pn. Zabedah,p.s :google her name , WHY??)
I barely know anyone that's going. But just today, Jo said she wanted to come so I just bought tickets too. And since no one is going with Ming Hui too.
ah wells, if it's bad can go watch movie or something lah.
I wonder how it'll be like tomorrow. I actually prefer it at night!! But Pn. Zubaidah said that it normally ends very late, and the teachers have to be responsible of clearing the place... which usually ends at 2am. Yea. Pity em.

... is tomorrow! I'm coming there at about 5pm. The last time they held another Urbanscape was in 2004. Loadsa free goodiebags and stuff. I'm probably gonna stick mostly at the Marketplace side la.. ( 70+ stalls! wow!!)
Entrance fee for watching the music shows and stuff are about rm35. But for the marketplace, don't need to pay.

For my entree I got these..

1x rm20 Shopaholics Unite voucher
1x rm 50 Bruums Shopping voucher
and some kinda bla bla... uh. Forgotten la. But all the booths are set up there, so I getta spend the vouchers there.

I so want this. *hints*
From Bath & Body Works U.S.A.

Lip Gloss - Sheer
Cotton Candy
Fun and fashion for your lips. Our Liplicious glosses deliver the perfect combination of color, mouth-watering flavor and high-glistening shine. An absolute must-have accessory for lips!
  • Luscious flavor and high-shine in a moisturizing formula.
  • A girlishly flirty, sheer, candy pink
  • The candy-sweet flavor of spun sugar, without the sticky fingers!
  • Vitamin E and jojoba oils soften, smooth and condition your lips.
I saw it featured in E! Network, I think.
The reporter went in and licked the lipgloss that was freshly made.
Apparently it's free of disgusting chemicals and totally edible. Like, waah. :D
Cotton candy. Yum. :P

Oh well, I better get some rest for tomorrow.
Till I get everything I want.
"The world can satisfy men's need, but not men's greed"
yayaya, I'm greedy. I say I want alot of things but I don't mean it. har har.

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