Hari Bakat/Urbanscapes 2008

G'day peoples.
So, yesterday was Hari Bakat and Urbanscapes.


I invited Jocelyn to come along.. eventho we're not allowed to invite ppl from outside school this time. (eesh.) but whateva la.
Woke up at 7.50 am-ish. Didn't really know what to wear. haha.
Anyways, went KBU hall for the event. Not that many people as last year, which makes getting good seats quite easy la. But sadly, I was sitting in a row in front of old people (why. Why?.WHY!)
Not much screaming peeps = Not as much fun.
The fact that most of the crowd were form 1s. ( Not that I have anything against them, but most of them are so. friggin. shy. or loud in a childish way. .. )

I think the programs this year was better than last year la.
The programs consisted of Traditional dance/ song, Shuffling (2 teams, wow!), Modern dance, Bands, Hip Hop, Instrument playing, and the school choir singing.
First up was the school choir. At least they didn't sing the same songs as last year.
2006 + 2007 = same songs performed for choir.
The shufflers were good too, but I prefer derrick's team to faris's team.
Derrick's one have more dance and rhythm to it, rather than just the same movements over and over again. ( No matter how cunted they are, it gets boring after a while.)
My favorite performance would have to be from AGGRORHYTHM.
They sang without instruments and had an awesome beatbox !! It was so cool.
There's other interesting teams like Chinese Traditional Hip Hop dance. (Traditional? hm.)
They hip hop-ed with chinese fans. Phoaarh. lol!


So, Urbanscapes was held in KL PAC ( KL Performing Arts Center )

I love the fact that KL PAC have a huge wide space of greenery. Well, it was once a golf course.

zomg, when I went there I was so suprised to see SO MANY PEOPLE!!!
This festival is actually mostly for the people in the creative industry. Not surprised to find myself one of the youngest there. :x
Everyone there was so westernized, fashion fabulous, and talk with accents.
They dressed so boldly! Like neon tights, chunky nerd glasses, bleached purple hair.
Both unfortunately, most of them smoked. After the event, I felt like I've been through a chimney.

The Marketplace.

The marketplace was a bargain hunter's heaven!!! There was SO MANY vintage trinkets and clothes you have to DIG THROUGH to find. There was also new clothes.... most less than rm100!! AND THEY'RE SO GEORGEOUS.

First up, I went to the Tongue In Chic booth to claim my vouchers.
My name was on a long, long, LONG list!! But it must've been funny for them to see my IC number... (I'm not even 15 yet. haaa.)
Saw Joyce ,haha. She's so bubbly!
There was also a rm 20 Shoes, Shoes, Shoes voucher.
But the shoes are pretty much rm 100+ so.. yea, didn't buy la.
You can pick up rare vintage shoes for as low as rm 5. I bought a flamingo pink suede handbag ( looks vintage) for only rm8!!!
Actually I bargained. lol. I love to have my bang for buck. :p )
Vintage pins, accessories, bangles, shoes, clothes, bags,...... starting from rm 1.
Bought 14 bangles/ a HUGE set for rm 3.
Wow, right! And they're totally vintage.

I spent my rm 20 Shopaholics! Unite voucher on 2 gem studded patent belts.
One in black and another in neon orange.
Each are rm 13, so I had to only pay rm 6
( whee, I had an rm 20 voucher)
There was this cool badge making booth, where you draw your own design on a piece of round paper and they'll make it into a badge for you!

One time, I was bargaining for this cute white TopShop skirt. It was rm 30. I asked for rm 20, but she didn't agree so I just left la. Then at the stall next to her stall, I saw the handbag stand and I bought the pink suede handbag.
Then the shopkeeper went
" Hey!!!! Why didn't you buy from meeee? ".
I was like " hmm...so expensive laah.
( Actually it isn't. but whaddever. BANG FOR BUCCCK! =B)
Then she was like, "rm20. no, rm 15, rm 10, rm fiv---"
me " waaaaa. really?"
"okok, I'm just kidding. haha. "
Good thing is, you can bargain, bargain, BARGAAAAAIN!!!
And everyone is so polite and stuff.

So many right.

I bought, a purple shift dress, a pink suede handbag, two patent belts, 14 piece bangles, 4 customized badges, a graphic top ( bargained till rm10. HAHA!), colourful bracelet, a plastic ring (rm1. heh.). Got a free super awesome topshop enviromental friendly shopper's bag.

After that, I went to Brickfield's to eat Banana Leaf rice.
Brickfield's near MidValley.
( They're famous for it there.)
The restorant I went was RESTORAN SRI KORTUNALAI or something. It was one of the more interesting, bright and most importantly.. CLEAN LOOKING ones there.

Ordered mutton curry, lamb stomach curry, and deepfried beancurd in chili sauce.
All banana leaf rice orders come with free vege side dishes like..
(From left: Curry chili bitter gourd, sour muichoy-like pickle curry, long bean curry, and yellow poppyseed curry cabbage.)
Served with pappadum and curry sauce of your choice. You can tambah side dishes, sauce and rice without any extra charges.

I was walking around the streets and I found this Indian accessory store. It was full of bangles, diamante body stickers, gold jewelery, and cheap cosmetics.

I found this LipIce sheer.
In pharmacies, it's always rm 14. Weirdly, I went there it was rm 2.90.

I think cause they imported it from India/Indonesia or something.
Ah well, I've always wanted to know how it's like.

whee. My cousin is back from U.S. I'm gonna watch The Incredible Hulk sooner or later. haha.

Till I live in a cave.
ciao! :)

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