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Hai! :D

Sorry for lack of updates. ! exam..

This picture is so georgeous. The right angle too. Taken by a real professional. (ME!)


HAPPY belated Mother's day!

I <3>

Mid Term Exams.

I'm quite OK with what I've done, I suppose.

Cept for that dumb mistake at Maths Paper 1.


After every exam, people will go like "How's the exam?",

then I would stammer some one-word response. eh.

Then they go all "ZOMG, do u know WHAAT!! I MADE THE MOST CARELESS MISTAKE Blablablablabla."

Adds to the stress, know? ish..

This morning was teacher's day celebration.

Netherless, it was still an exam day. The principal didn't want to "waste" anymore time on postponing the event.

Charis brought home-baked cupcakes for the teachers.

Lucky she has a maid to do all the cleaning. ._.

It was yummy tho. :D

I made a card out of manila kad ("So cheap wan u" exclaims Zu Kuan)

for Pn. Norhayati ( Class teacher )

Managed to get everyone in 3 Daisi to sign! haha.

She was dressed really pink today. *random*

Eventho it was Teacher's day today.. it rained in the morning so the event time was changed to 10am.

9.30 am RECESS!

the whole school at once. ._.

At around 10am, the event started off with speeches, yada yada.

Then it started to get sunny. oh no wait, it was SCORCHING HOT.

But I saw one of the most beautiful view ever. There was a time were a cloud was passing the hot sun, and it sorta gave a nice backlight to the cloud. Looked like a cloud with silver lining!

So awesome.

Anyways, it was quite sad to see everyone running to the corridor when the sun came out.

The teachers looked ... sad.

You should have seen their face fell when the event got postponed and when the students were chatting and talking so loudly. I am now incredibly burnt. pfft.

English paper was ok-ish. Pn.Liao's questions are actually quite challenging. I chose The Phantom Of The opera as the novel cause Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is WAAAY too boring for words. So .. incredibly.. PREDICTABLE.


Juliad Music Young Talents Showcase

(is that the name? hm. forgotten.)

If any of you want awesome LIVE music, come to Tonka Bean Cafe, Impiana Hotel, KL this Sunday to see ME! (yes, the ah-maa-zing one) PERFORM.

LIVE! hahaah.

At 12pm-ish.

true story.

The Press will be there. :))

I'm scared.



Believe it or not, I started my scales in the middle of April. And I'm expected to take ABRSM exam on the 23rd of June! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. THERE'S STILL SO MANY THINGS TO BE LEARNT!


And I do not want to just pass, music people like me don't just pass piano exam!


or it'll ruin my rep for the pass exams. ._.

Anyways I get THIS for it. Heart-peace sign long necklace from Forever 21. So awesome. :)

got motivation edi. :DD

Next Friday! Exams over!

Sg.Wang and Pavillion SHOPPING! :))


I love it.

Gonna ...

try on rediculous shoes that are 5-inch high,

try on Juicy Couture dresses, piss off the Chanel manager, Do the Big Mac rap, Camwhore, Act lala (Hence the trip called "Laladay") , Ask for free makeovers, raid the perfume department store, rob a baby.

... except the last one.

Can't wait.



Butterfly life cycle. (In my very own garden.) :))

1. Starts off with an egg.

2. It becomes a fat green wriggly caterpillar that infest your plants.

3. Becomes this weird looking cacoon thing.

4. Lastly, a butterfly. The butterfly is definitely the most georgeous. :D

Till I get my fedora, fedora, fedora!! (obesessed.)

byee! :))

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  1. hi chiee, mind to share which digicam ur using? gazilion thx :)

    i was bloghopping and found ur blog. impromptu act to comment on this and just hope u will rply.. but seriously, lovely photos