Losers eat their own dust.

Last Friday, PC2 celebrated teacher's day.
My mum baked chocolate muffins for my bro to bring.
About 100 of em.

And when he came home,he had smooshes of chocolate muffin all over his uniform.
Apparently, they had a food fight.
With.. the lovingly home-baked muffins my mum baked.

UGH. Dumb Ungrateful BRATS.
Wasting food!!
( and my mum's time, and money! DON'T YOU KNOW INFLASION IS HAPPENING?! idiots.)
Kids nowadays ah.. *shakes head*
Don't know how to appreciate food and what your mother does for you.
LOSAHS. *rolls eyes*

Just that other day, I saw this form 1 kid dump a WHOLE BOWL of noodles into the bucket.
She was telling her friend "eee! mee ni terlalu pedas la.tak 'leh tahan ni..! ".
I was staring at her.
There was heck alot of noodles you know. Such waste.

People sometimes don't make sense.
Like, they eat so much food, say can't control.
Then, they want to puke it out.
Like people who have bullimia.
They let the food accumulate on the throat, not actually swallowing it;
then gag it out and puke.
Like.. what's the use of even placing it in your mouth if you don't want it?

There's all the other people out in the world starving without food.. and you just want to stick it up your throat and then puke it out.
Or, for example, some silly fatso's who eat themselves silly and go plastic surgery....eh.

Inflasion is happening.
Like,.. my nasi lemak and roti canai is getting smaller, know!!

Cuppacakes have enough sense to not increase the price or reduce the size of their cupcakes!!
(But probably they're already earning enough money to cover the cost. A cupcake that could be eaten in two munches for rm 4.50. Crazy!!!)

Anyways, I watched IRONMAN yesterday. It was funny! Quite good too. I would give it a 7.5/10. Beginning was abit draggy tho. Suspending!
Effects were awesome! Especially the flamethrower part.
ok, I'm bad at reviewing movies. whaadever. :P


Pledge to go fur-free at PETA.org.

This video is not for the faint hearted.
I hate fur. And I am COMPLETELY supportive of PETA. These poor animals are first whacked on the ground so that their fur is not damaged, and then skinned ALIVE. They don't even put the poor animal to sleep properly and in a non-torturous way!!
Say NO to fur. It is so cruel to see an animal DIE for FASHION.

Went to a bookstore warehouse clearance today. Got less than 1/2 hour to stroll thru. NOT ENOUGH TIME!! Probably gonna go there again. I think it finishes when school hols end. In Atria.
Bought an OLD issue of seventeen. I think it's their 4th birthday issue. And this cute book.

The seventeen mag costed only rm1. That cashier lady tried to cheat me or something. When she typed in the cashier, it was rm 10.00. The original total of my books comes up to rm 19.90. But she calculated will 39.90 the first time. Trying to cheat me, eh. NO FRIGGIN CHANCE.

oh so true. Anyways, I better complete my Geo kerja kursus now. aaaagh.

Till the world runs outta sugar.

Byeee. ;)

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