Hi everyone! :)

This is so creepy, right. And I found it attached to my window.
Can't believe I didn't notice it earlier. Whenever I close the window, it looks like it wants to attack me. Anyways, my father used a metal ruler and scraped it off at night, when it was sleeping..


Before I start this supremely long post I would like to point out obviously to everyone...


..At first I support Archuleta too la.
But to choose between the two, Cook is definitely more talented.
On the finale night, when Archuleta sang Apologize, he sounded ..weird.. I don't think he's the type for pop songs.
Notices he looks like he's about to cry everytime he sings..?
.like.. his face screws up...
sorry, but David Cook rocks. As good as Chris Daughtry. :)
Anyways, if Archuleta won, all the songs in the album will be all ballad-ish.
No doubt his voice is good la.

Can't wait till Cook's album is out!
Oh. And what happened to Taylor Hicks, man..

Julliad Music Musical Showcase

Mostly parents and friends turned up.
Press did come. Whenever he takes a picture, a super bright flash will blind me. I think everytime he took, I blinked.. ._.
Whatever la. I get free buffet. :D

LalAdAy orhxxx! ^.^~*
hIhI,foLlow ourz adventurezz orhx!!
gosh, I suck trying to be lala.
Therefore I am not.

We were suppose to come back from school at 1pm and head to Sg.Wang at 2.30pm.
Nabilah was suppose to have cheer practise..
but bailed out last minute..without telling Jenn.
Gosh, she looked pissed.. So yea.. we had to wait for her till 2.40pm+..
Yet, she didn't even bring her P.E clothes you know!
AAAAAGH. Worst yet, KL was incredibly jam.
The guy walking by the side of the road was faster than us. pff.

What to do? It is KL anyways..
Charis and Nabilah counted till 150+ lalas. I can't believe they bothered.. eh.
Imagine.. there's tonnes of lala GUYS, yes, GUYS with makeup and fake lashes and Yu-Gi-Oh hair. Lala girls with Marge Simpson's hairstyles and fashion collisions!!!

Sg.Wang is definitely not for us.

Stuff are cheap la.. but mostly lala-ish and not the best quality.
I bargained for a vest. But it's not cheap enough..
It costs rm60. I bargained for rm30. But the most she say rm50 the most i can bargained.
Whatever blah of good quality, nice colour, blaaaaa.
no thanks. pfff.
My two dear friends came out of Sg.Wang with NOTHINNNG..
But we did have some fun.

Like one of the things we did was...put on as many LALA clothes as possible..
and see how we looked..

hahahhahaha. And do all the rediculous poses like puffy face or whatever.
I suck at being lala. This fedora isn't too bad tho..
The shirt I'm wearing is some weird red itchy unknown language print like a skull. Darkened topicture cause it looks stupid.

And .. I'm wearing a freakin layered black & pink TUTU!!!
Believe it or not, the tutu is rm 120.
That china accent guy asked why I was bringing a hat into the changing room.
I pretended I didn't know chinese. HAH.
How lala is that outfit!!
Not going to post up poses cause I look beyond hideous.

Wherelse, Charis is a pro.
she's going to kill me.

Anyways, for the fedoras..
Sg.Wang stocked some.. but they were not exactly CHEAP.
One nice one I liked was... rm120.
.... this is friggin SUNGEI WANG..
Cheap ones looked lala.

So.. I'll prob head to Nichii to buy those rm 20 plain ones.
Not bad oso, not bad. :))
I bought a cute peace pendant necklace, something I've been looking for ages.
So much for wanting to buy the whole mall.SO LITTLE THINGS.
Cheap but Lala. eww.

After that, we headed to
posh. :D
Went to Pasta Mania.
We had two delicious pasta dishes to share.
My father ate at the food court..
We tried the Creamy Chicken Fusilli and Tomato herb tuna and ham pasta.
and the best thing was..

IT CAME IN less than 10 MINUTES. :D
we were very hungry you know. how to shop, no food. I get frumpy( frustrated;grumpy) without food. ._.

Then we headed to..
We were greeted with a sign
After I took this pic, the shop assistant said no photography is allowed. :(
I tried on some of the cute charm bracelets. Costs like rm350-rm800 I think. The bangles are pretty too.

Shopped around and tried on dresses in Forever 21. I love their accessories!
Bought the peace-heart gold necklace I wanted. :DD
Cha and Na bought green aviators, I already have black ones.
Nabilah bought me my very-very-belated-since-dec-2 birthday pressie too!
Maybelline Eyestudio Quad in Matcha Mousse Cake.
I love the colours. :)

Oh, and we went to themakeupstore.
So georgeous I tell you!

After that, we went to Parkson Pavillion and tried on shoes!
I like the one Nabilah chose, white round toed wedges.
All RocKin Reptile.
But that purple heels are verry BLINGY and grecian. :)



Very flashy. :D
That crystal studded white one costs rm650.

Like, like, like? :D *drools*
Went to the cosmetic department.
I've always wanted to try Benetint.
So yea, I did.
It DOES look incredibly natural. Looked like I've been exercising for ages.
Cha got her eyebags to dissapear. really.
Benetint costs rm 139 I think.
She also added a BLUE lipgloss on me. Apparently, it makes your teeth look whiter.
You think? x)

After that, we went to this shop called Stage, where they sell JLo, L.A.M.B, Jessica Simpson.. etc shoes. There was 5 inch ones. But we didn't take pictures cause the shop keeper were looking at us funny. haahaha.

We headed back at about 10pm.
What I brought back.

I know. So little right. I was thinking I would come home with 10 fedoras, a vest, countless tops, 5 pairs of shoes blaaaaah.
But no. That little.
Which calls for another trip!
poor father.
haha, it was fun tho. :))
I went to The Curve; and got my fedora in Nichii.
And to come home knowing my mother have a 60's fedora in red.
oh well, it was nice. And only rm20. Such a steal! :D
I'm gonna watch IronMan tomorrow in Cineleisure. The last movie I watched was GamePlan.
I know, so outdated..
And that's the beginning of my hols.
Happy Holidays everyone!
Till I own a farm,
sayonara. :D

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