The sky's the limit

Hai. :DD
I'm so sleepy now. zzz.
But I want to try that new FEMALE pavlova recipe.
It looks so awesome. I've always LOVED pavlovas.
Especially those from The Apartment, The Curve. I've heard ones from Delicious are good too.
Maybe I can try next time..
I found out this super cool websites. Me and Charis are currently obsessing over it.
It shows you WHEN and WHERE theres WAREHOUSE SALES.
ps. I don't get joy from buying stuff full priced.
And! And! AND...
dicha guys know there's a freakin

I'm done with sivik project. Thank goodness!!
Michelle, Charis and me actually painted the P.Seni room. We are part of school history. :P
We actually did stuff. Painted the friggin wall and door.
And doorknob.
*corny, i know.. but it had splashes of paint already.. so.. what the heck..*
PURPLE. The whole school is peach and white in colour, so it really stands out.
I know, I wonder why purple. I guess the teacher really liked that colour.

Kudos to Najwa who took our pics.

Other groups are like..
1. Throw rubbish all over the ground.
2. Pretend to pick up rubbish that weren't suppose to be there in the first place.
3. Snap, snap, snap pictures.

hmm. Attack of laziness. We got so much paint on our hands in the end till we needed to use THINNER to get it off.
Corrosive much.

Happy times.


Big Apple Doughnuts

Both are sucessful doughnut chains that introduce us to yeast-raised doughnuts instead of the usual cake-like doughnut from Dunkin' Doughnuts. They also market it like a cult product behind the counter. It also shows people HOW the doughnuts are made.
*Hot off the assembly line*

Here's what I think of the doughnuts.
In terms of..:
J.Co : Over soft. Like floppy gardenia white bread when you squish it. Too soft for my liking.
Big Apple : Slightly chewy on the outside, soft, fluffy and pillowy inside. I love the texture!

: Located in places like Pavillion; I've been told each doughnut cost like rm 4 each, or something.. hmm..
Big Apple : rm 2 for one, rm 9 something for a box of 6. YUM!

Range of Flavours
J.Co : No doubt, J.Co doughnut's names are quirky and cute. Imagine! like.."Oreology", "Glazzy", ..etc.
Big Apple : Unique, and classic flavours. My MUSTS are Choreo, Kiwi, Blueberry jam middle, Glacier, Almonds, and Snowy. I've forgotten their fancy names.

J.Co : I find it overly sweet actually. The topping seems to overwhelm the taste of the doughnut. Netherless, quite ok.
Big Apple : Microwaving the toppings the next day makes it melt rather fast. The sweetness of the topping blends quite well with the doughnuts.

-Heat it in the microwave oven on HIGH for 8 sec.
J.Co : The next day it tasted dry. But the icing outside condensed and it's sort of like a wet-but-dry-inside doughnut.
Big Apple : Hey! It taste just as fresh as yesterday. :D
note- It'll always taste better the day you bought it.

J.Co : No doubt Pavillion is a very strategic place to place a doughnut shop in the view of hungry shoppers.. and that doughnut smell.. :P
Big Apple : Located in One Utama, Mid Valley and The Curve.. etc. Good also lah.

In a nutshell..
J.Co is all fancy-doughnuts and stuff, but honestly, that's just what's on the outside. SUPPORT BIG APPLE, for real taste and real doughnuts. Their doughnut formulation is definetely better than J.Co's. Considering they're available so near my house, bonus love.
(p.s : Did you know Big Apple Doughnuts are from MALAYSIA? As they always say.. or convince.. buy local products!)


Till unicorns exist,
byee! :)


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  2. @_@ You ought to be a food critic. I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.