Give me a sign.

Monday class tennis club activities got cancelled.
Coach was sick.
Yay, he didn't get to throw in my face my lame noob tennis skills.

Wait, there's still next week.

T.G.I.F, I love fridays.
Yesterday was scout activities. We got sorted in groups. Mine was enggang 2. Zu Kuan's the patrol leader. Azrai's the QM. I'm the assistant patrol leader.
HC, an assistant patrol leader?
You can laugh all you want.
There's this stubborn form 1 guy that won't listen to me. I've just noticed lil kids like to bully me.
Booo. :(
More strictness, less mercy.
Hah! *Evil cackles*
that's more like it. :)


My KH project haven't been painted yet.
The friggin perspek cutter took me ages to cut the PVC peice.
Ended up.., I got it uneven.
So, I spent ages.. AGAIN.. to cut it at home.
With a pocket knife.
Actually, you only need to scrape it till it's half thin then use a plier to snap it off.
I didn't know that. I actually scraped it till it was all off!
Pffffft! Tiring siao.
I bought the pink spray paint, after using it on the KH project, I wonder what i'm going to do with the rest of the paint..

My sejarah kerja kursus is almost complete!
I'm doing about wau. One of the most common ones.
Everyone's doing Wau.
It seems like the asal-usul of it is not comfirmed. For almost every book I've borrowed and web page I've visited,... there's a different story.
Oh well, it was interesting.

As for geografi k.k, I got this year-before-last-year guy's geo k.k. For reference. If any of you need help, just ask Pn. Norhayati to lend it to you.
I also found this book in the library perfect for the title.
Kegiatan Ekomi dan Kesan-kesanya terhadap alam sekitar.

Watched Idol Gives Back yesterday. The poor African kids, man.
If I was in USA now, I would donate to em.

Vote for...
Blogger is acting retarded, I can't upload pictures. Dang.
Anyways, these people have REAL talents.

I know this is a lame post. Deal with it. (x
Ok. Off to facebook.

Till it's PMR.
sayonara. :D

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