For reassurance.

Cellphones are essential.
Wherever we go, we're contactable.
Important, no?
Gosh, the guy who invented text messaging is DA BOMB.
We don't need to waste time calling, and it's instant answers right away.


On Friday, I went to this Hokkien Cemetery in Shah Alam.
Ching Ming festival. Chinese tradition thing.
My family and my (father's side) grandparents went together at close to 7am.
Honestly, it was the first time I've ever set foot on a cemetery and
went to celebrate ching ming festival.
The cemetery is on alot of hills.
The roads were really steep, and there was the smell of burning incense everywhere.
I've never met my great grandfather before.
He passed away when my grandfather was 7.
Anyways, there were many sorts of graves. Rich fancy ones, and old worn out stone ones.
My great-grandfather's grave is close to 60+ years old.
His was on one of the top hills, with really old stone grave.
We plucked the weeds around and on the grave, grandparents burnt some stuff, went back when it became too sunny.

I didn't dare take pictures in a cemetery.

Didn't go to mother's side one.
Cause it's in Ipoh.


I'm finally in Masakan Club!

Actually I managed to get in last last week.
We baked bread pudding.
I was so lucky! Before fitness club started, I just wanted to check out how Masakan Club was like. When I stepped in, suddenly two form 4s was about to quit. So I grabbed this chance to register in the club. Haah.
Then wait. I saw Shereen and Ming Hui.
" How did you guys get in?"
" I told Pn. Tang if she didn't let me join the club I would kill myself."


This week, the pengerusi taught us how to cook an omelette.
One of the easiest dishes to cook. haha.
The school knieves were seriously blunt and it took ages to cut the capsicum and spring unions. Can't even chop!
Oh, and one funny thing is that.. when the pengerusi was cutting onions, Timothy was right next to him. He cried instead of the one cutting the onion. lawl.
After that, we had to whip eggs.
Some over-anxious form 1s grabbed most of the eggs when each group was ment to have one..
Like for 10 minutes straight.
Over whipped la. It became 3 quarter egg foam.
And while pengerusi was demonstrating, one f1 girl said "hmm, I'll just continue whipping!!".
So naive.
Anyways, when it was her turn to fry the egg, the foam stucked to the pan, and since it was mostly foam, her egg got burnt.
gosh. @__@ won't they just listen?
My team , me,shereen,minghui,charis,ode were trying out frying the omelette. Then timothy came and added more stuff to the omelette. I tell you, there was more stuff in the omelette than egg. It was so heavy that when we flipped it, it became all .. broken..
Oh well, it was yummy. :DD
You just have to get away from the sight of clogged sinks, ovens covered with 3 inch of dust, and pots with goodnessknowswhat stains.

Tennis is starting. Coach is gonna kill me alive.
I've forgotten most of the moves! WHY DID I JOIN SENIOR GROUP.
Cause im lifeless.
yay, tennis.



Oh, and sze mei tagged me.

First Name - Hweii Chiee
Nickname - Chiee, Hc, Hweiich.
Name you wish you had - I am quite happy with my unique name.
What do people normally mistake your name as - Hui Chee/Lychee/Huai Qi

Birthday - 2nd December 1993.
Birthplace - Subang Jaya, Malaysia
Time of Birth - Around midnight.
Single or taken - Single.
Zodiac sign - Sagittarius

-Your Appearance-
How tall are you - 5'1 +?
Wish you were taller - Of course! But heels are made for a reason. :)
Eye colour - Dark dark brown.
Natural Hair Colour - Black
Current Hair color - Black.
Short or long hair - Long
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color - Yellow and Blue. For blitzerz!

Last time you did something dramatic with your hair - Tied it up as high as a palm tree. For fun.
Glasses or contacts - Glasses.
Do you wear make-up - Not on a daily basis. Not vain. ._.
Ever had hair extensions - Nope.
Paint your nails - Oh course. I'm a nail polish junkie. woohoo.

This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates - Chocolates. White specifically.
Pepsi or Coke - Coke.
Rap or Rock - Rock.
Relationship or One night stand - Relationship.
School or Work - School. ALWAYS.

Love or Money - Love.
Movies or Music - Both.
Country or City - City.
Sunny or Rainy days - Sunny but not SUPER HOT.
Friends or Family - Family. But I love my friends too!

-Have you ever-
Lied - No. Oh wait, I just did.
Stole something- Yes, but I got caught. Haven't ever since.
Smoked - No. And never will.
Hurt someone close to you - Maybe.
Broke someone's heart - Nah, doubt so.
Had your heart broken - No.
Wondered what was wrong with you - Yes.
Wish you were a prince/princess -Who doesn't?

Shaved your head - I like my hair.
Used chopsticks - Yes. I am a chinese. OBVIOUS MUCH.
Sang in the mirror to yourself - *Perhaps*
Flower - Lilies are georgeous.
Candy - Nothing beats lot 100 mango gummies!
Song - Too many really. Changes alot.
Scent - Smell of the ladies department store. Oh and foooood. CUPCAKES BEING BAKED.
Color - Shiny! wait. is shiny a colour?
Movies- Really don't have a clear favourite.
Singer - Arvil Lavign.
Word - So super awesome. wait. its 3 words.
Junk food - Ruffles rock! And famous amos choco cookies.
Website -
Location - My home.
Animal - Big fluffy cats and dogs and rabits and.. etc etc etc. I'm a sucker for all animals cute and fluffy.

Ever cried over someone - Mm, I suppose.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself - Laziness. Gluttony. pfft.
Do you think you're attractive - Not really.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose - World of Warcraft.
Do you play any sports - duh.

The rules:-Link to your tagger (...) and post these rules. List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people

1. I am easily fascinated by ironing clothes. Really.
2. I like it when it rains on a exam day.
3. I still don't know how to play Black Jack. (GASSSP.)
4. I barely practise my musical instruments.
5. My sight reading is so good, I can get away with not practising my musical instruments.
6. I will keep on trying to change the mind of a cheapskate.
7. My phone's not a Nokia phone.
8. I love hugs. From family, from friends, from dares, from strangers, and from random moments.

I tag :

I'm sure most of you have done the tag already. So if you haven't. I dare you.

Till rocks talk to me,

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