SMK BUD(4) Sports Day

So, it was my school's sports day
today. :D
haha, obviously la.

Agh, I came late.
Brought my red eye glitter powder, it looked awesome on the cheerleaders.

Red House Cheerleading team.

Everyone is below form 3.
But they were good. (:

The nervousness.

The tent deco was so awesome.
Yanyun, Jenn and the rest of the team did a terrific job!
I'm glad i'm part of it. hahaah...
Very masque-Red ish.
The tent was red and white and full of glitter.

Hey, we even have our own MONKEY!

So adorable. :DD

Hong Onn, Choong Hern and Ming Hong looked like they just stepped out of Elizabeth II: The Golden Ages. Zhen Feng was in a king lion/bear/squirrel suit.

Red House MASCOT! aahaha.
A Phantom of an opera, A zorro, A royal bear and a princess.
Dang, the sun was HOT.
"That's because I'm sitting in front of you"
- Nabilah explains to Hannah.

The other houses's themes are:

Green : Army

Yellow : Samurai/ Golden Dragon...
I don't really have a pic of it.

Cheerleading Pics:
Yellow House got first!
They were really, really good.
Sharp and synchronized.
Red House got 2nd! :D
No falls and stuff. !!

The cheer was the loudest, compared to the other houses.
Cause Hannah was screaming. lol.
But that's a good thing cause all the area was very wide..
the other teams weren't as loud.

Nice ending.
Nabilah's hair tie came off tho.
Marching Pics :
The red house marching formation was really creative.They turned up in a customized red house polo shirt with white/ black ribbon suspenders and MASQUERADE MASKS..
Blue house won tho, ALIENS MARCHING.
They had sunnies and some kinda buzz antenna.

Most of the sport events was during after school last week. So on today itself there was only 100m, Lompat tinggi, and Tarik Tali.
hm. Sports day huh....
everyone was so happy.
Hugging around and showing off.

Oh. and when I was waiting for my father, this cute kitty came up to me.
Couldn't help taking a pic.
It was soo cute. :DD
(ps: Red House Cheerleaders, if you want more pics, just ask me.)
And that was Sports Day 2008.

Till ice cream doesn't melt.


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