I didn't go to school.

Didn't really feel like going to school .. and I overslept anyways.
Me and Nabilah didn't go to school today. All ffk-ed Charis.
Sorry, Charis!

Oh, and I LOVE Nabilah's aunt's CHEESE SAMOSAs.
A freshly-fried crispy samosa with a huge melting mozzarella cheese center. Not even greasy.
Doesn't it just make you drool by the sounds of it?
Love it!


Da Vinci Linked to Chess Puzzles!

March 17, 2008—Leonardo da Vinci may have helped illustrate a Renaissance treatise on chess—a page of which is pictured above—that was found in the library of an aristocratic family in Gorizia, northern Italy, researchers say.

The manuscript was penned around 1500 by Luca Pacioli, a mathematician and friend of Leonardo.

The treatise, "De Ludo Schaccorum"—Latin for "Of the Game of Chess"—includes more than a hundred chess problems that challenge the player to reach checkmate in a certain number of moves.

The sole copy of the treatise was found in 2006 among 22,000 volumes collected by the Coronini family in their palace in Gorizia, on Italy's border with Slovenia.

"It was like a Holy Grail of chess," said Serenella Ferrari Benedetti, cultural coordinator of the foundation that manages the Coronini estate. "We knew it existed but nobody had ever seen it."

After a year of research, Milan-based architect and sculptor Franco Rocco concluded that Pacioli enlisted Leonardo's help to draw the pieces.

Rocco told the Associated Press the futuristic style of the chess pieces is in sharp contrast with the way other pieces were represented at the time.

Every piece also was proportionally related to each of its parts and to the other pieces, a trademark of Leonardo's art, he said. In addition, some pieces directly recall other works by Leonardo, including a queen similar to a fountain drawn in one of the artist's manuscripts.

Not all the pieces display the same quality and some were drawn with a right hand and others with a left, Rocco said. This indicates that Leonardo, who was left-handed, may have only drawn a few pieces to provide examples, or that he simply suggested the designs to Pacioli, Rocco said.

—Ariel David, Associated Press


Dropped by Cuppacakes today.
The cupcakes are getting more and more expensive.
Well, I guess cause butter price is rising too.

Oh, and you all should not eat Pasar Malam cakes!!
It's like ..you can get a butter cake with icing for as low as rm1.20.
With butter's price rising, it doesn't really make sense.
They all use..
Which is actually a grossly big amound of animal fats and vegetable fats all blended into this mushy paste.
It's full of preservatives and they have to colour it to
disguise it's horrendous colour.
It is not pure butter, but sickly unhealthy, and FULL of trans-fatty acid.
Stay away from em'!

Another reason to buy Cuppacakes's cupcakes. They are PURE. :)
You can actually taste the buttery-ness.
Absolutely worth every bite!
But the butter can get to you after awhile...
So it's like occasion treats. :P

I bought 4 cupcakes. 2 Cookies n Creme Dream, and 2 Royal Vanilla.
I think the Cookies n Creme Dream cupcakes are really, really popular.
In fact, all of the cupcakes are.
I went to +wondermilk cafe at 7pm. There was barely any cupcakes left.
About like 3 or 4 left of each flavours behind the counter top.
Anyways, it costed me rm4.5. Yea, so pricey..
Royal Vanilla was rm3.8.
Well, they do use real butter. :D

Plastic bags are evil so don't use em!

Carry a tote or
those fancy reusable ones that now often comes with purchases.
Save the enviroment.
Alot of energy is used to compress the plastic into those bags..
And to make plastic, petrol is used.
And petrol is used to make plastic, duh.
By the beach, lazy people often just throw plastic bags into the sea without thinking about the consequences.
Turtles come to our shore to lay eggs and swim around the sea near the beach.
And once they see a plastic bag..
then, CHOKE, .. DIE.
Turtles like jellyfishes and plastic bags do look like em.
So do your part and
And when you go shopping, you can just carry around a huge tote bag or something to store your purchases.
Even places like Cold Storage have enviromentally friendly cooler bags for grocery!
Hey, at least I'm glad people have came to a realization.

Oh. And I really do wish my school have a water refiller.
Cause when people stay back everyday, they need water.
And often, they don't bring extra bottles of water. (Too heavy)
So everyone just BUYS bottles of water and leaves it lying around all over the place!
Plastic bottles given are like useless. People just dump it around after drinking.
The most they do with it is take the cap and play kick-the-bottle-cap.
Who really bothers to take it home?
Exactly why we should have a water refiller.
So we can just refill our bottles. No charges, No waste.
Of course, if we have one,
losers will abuse it.
Like in my previous school,
people actually washed their hands with it.
Wasting water.
I dunno.. but the PIBG's are so rich.
They should buy a water refiller. Instead of that WATER FOUNTAIN.
It costed freakin rm10,000 .
It's useless, honestly.
Just squirting out water for more water to evaporate.
In a hot open place too.
Aiyo. No concept at all.
But what to do?..
They bought it already.


I crave...

Juicy stuff. :D

Go to Pavillion KL to check it out! So creative and cute. And ..
Smells like couture. :P
Sadly, it's not cheap.

The juicy charm bracelet I was eyeing costs rm1,000+
It's just so cute. If it drops to rm100, I'll snap it up!! hahaha.
*Much to parent's displeasure*
The handbags are cute too. Haha.

On the gren bangle writes :
" For nice girls who like stuff "
ahahaha. :D

After PMR splurges..
I want to bling up my phone too.
I love shiny.
-Just ask Jo-

I know you're thinking,
"Aiyo, this hc so flashy aah.."
Sorry, I've had this fetish for shiny since I was young.
Old habits die hard. :P

To get those I need good results.
To get good results, I need to work hard.
Good things don't come easy.
Needa work hard.

Gosh, what a post.

Till money grows on trees,
byeee. :D

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