Clubs and societies.

Lol, this comic is so awesome.

There was this mesyuarat agong thingie last friday.

Turns out, Drama club wasn't open to Form 3s. :(
So I'll just have to go to *Last option*
zomg, they are just SO boring.
note: junior group.
I really want to switch to something perhaps more..
like English club, Photography club or whatever.
Andd Pn.Ina Foo is the teacher.
*double groans*
I'll just wait and see la..

For sports, the same as usual.
I hope it's not the same as last year's coach. Dang, I'm always so tersesat when he teaches. It's like I suck at tennis compared to the pro form 5s.!

I can't wait. :)

Oh wells, I better complete my tuition work.

If you want the rainbow, you have to face the rain.

Somehow, I find this inspiring.

Till human sets foot on Jupiter,
:) bye.

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