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*Cough, cough*

I hearby declare that the blog has died. Cause of death is split into two popular votes:-

One: Neglect

Two: Suffocation

Or a combination of both, the experts note intelligently. It probably suffocated under the staggering weight of three and a half inches of dust.

R.I.P and farewell Bl-

WAIT! It's revived in the nick of time! Stop the shovels! It's back and in check!

So yeah. I'm baaaack! *in annoying sing-song voice*

I haven't been updating lately..
Blogging takes alot of time and commitment la. >.>
What has happened over the month?
- The whole principal thingy has been settled bla bla. Nothing interesting.

- Was forced to try out for House Cheer by Cha and Nab. wouldn't mind; but otherthan making the team look bad, i don't have the time to practise. Sorry! can you ever imagine me cheerleading?

- For sports day, I've been short listed for.. Shotputt, 100m running, Highjump and Longjump. haha, showoff-nya. I want to help out for house deco! :)

- Merentas desa. zomg. It was from..
My School - OneUtama old wing- Bu3 school - BU1 school - Centrepoint - Back.
I wonder how the people have so much stamina to jog. Believe it or not, this Charis got no.4 for the P2 (form 1,2,3) category. As usual, Renuka got first. YAY REDS. :)
I was like jog-run-walk-jog-run-walk. Netherless, it was fun la. I wonder why didn't Puay Chai 2 have this last time. hmm.

- Today,
I went to The Gardens in Mid Valley with my uncle and cousin.
I went inside this posh denim specialty boutique called Bread and Butter.
At first, I thought it was some kinda fancy smancy bakery cafe...
The cheapest thing there are prob the belts, at rm300. <.< rm600-rm3000.
Brands there : 7 for all mankind, True religion... ettc.
all the celebs wear those, but I don't really see the big deal.

anyways, its getting late now.
I apologize first if I never update in ages..

Till monkeys wears 7 for all mankind,

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