Making sense. Now at rm3.50 a pack.

hola! :)

Check this awesome video I've found, lol.
Jeff Dunham(superpro ventriloquist) : Achmed the dead terrorist

So, here's my new year resolution (which I typed last year).
Let's see how it's going.

friday, december 28.
New Year Resolutions.

1. Study Hard.

... ok, I'm trying..
and I WILL. Somebody please get rid of all my past issues of Girlfriend magazines. (NOOOOO..!)
they call out my name everytime I feel lazy. Distraction.

2. Stop being so lazy.
... It's like taking my brother to a clothes warehouse sale, IMPOSSIBLE.
But I can do the impossible.*

3. Look at things more positively.
... Sometimes, faking a smile is easier than it looks.

4. Be more alert.
So, I've recently almost slammed into a glass door.
Progress, no?
My father reckons my life is like a comedy.
gahh. <.<

5. Learn how to dance. (yes, I want to. :D )

Charis and Nabilah gave me an intensive cheerleading training course.
*So, I thought.
ok, after PMR I am definately going to take up latin dancing.

6. Learn how to cook.
Father : "One day you cook dinner ok, Kevin (same age cousin)?"
Kevin : "I don't like doing the dishes."
Father : "No it's alright, uncle will help you do the washing."
Kevin : "hmm- "
Hc : "HEY THAT'S NOT FAIR. Why can't you do that for me!! <.< " Father : "I didn't agree to wash the floor and the ceiling. " Hc : "huh....." Father : "If there's gonna be an explosion, at least it won't be in my house, but in Kevin's house." Hc : .___.

Hopeless case, I can just forget about it.


Till I grow another leg.

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