Time flies when you're having fun. :)

It's the 2nd day of school!
I feel that the form 1's are getting shorter and shorter each year!! hmm. o_o
I still don't feel like I'm form 3 la, and the school seems so... different without the ex-form 5s. I miss them! :(
Met new friends like Ire *click click*
I'm so sorry I keep forgetting your name on the first day!
So, the club I'm joining this year is the exact same ones as last year. I wouldn't really mind trying new ones,.. but I have tuitions and stuff planned.. so, it have to fit in la. :\

Club - DRAMA. On Tuesdays. Sadly, it's only once in 2 weeks cause they can't have too many peeps at a time. I didn't mind trying Masakan club. It's on Wednesdays so I can't. Pn Tang told me and Cha that she's gonna teach how to bake and cook stuff! How fun. I think she was the one who teached the form 3s to bake blueberry cheese tarts? haha.

Sport - Tennis. zomg if its the same coach, i hope he forgets my zomg-she's-so-hopeless tennis skills! ._.
I've forgotten the moves. jhugbjhfdbjdbehjbsa! pfffft.
Anyways, the tennis court is in T.T.D.I so, it's more convenient la.

Unit Beruniform - obviously.. SCOUTS! whee. I've just noticed scouts did not have campfire night last year! o_o ugh.

There's 7 classes in form 3 now, i think.
Here's the class ranks. Lower to Higher.
Kekwa - Raya - Siantan - Anggerik - Daisi - Teratai - Matahari
Actually, they only added Matahari (for my form) this year. So all the people's class are different.. (Name of class dif only i guess.)
I'm in 3 Daisi.
It's better now that there's only 30-35 students in each class. Better for the teachers, I'm sure.
Last year, 2 Anggerik was like, CHAOTIC siao..
But the guys are mostly not in the same class anymore.
so... yeaaah.

Pn. Lili's our class teacher.
I didn't like her last year...
but I guess she's OK la.
Marwan's the ketua kelas. hahaha.
But there's no assistant. No one wants to be.
This will be an interesting year.
I'm AJK Kebersihan.
zomg i hope all of em will do their duty. ._.
We're gonna have potted plants in class.
(hm, who thought of that idea.. o_o )


I'll have Jayadiri tuition tomorrow. ah, I miss that tuition.
They use a huge projector to teach the students and tons of videos and pics to write tons of great karangans! It makes learning fun.
At the end of tuition sometimes; or in between, when students get restless;
he shows funny, random and weird youtube videos! lol. He showed the class the big-fusses-up Negaraku-ku video too.

Oh well, I should go now.

Till we have teleporters,..
toodles. 8D


  1. Ahahahaha. I'd say for me...Form 3 is rather...bland for the moment. The teachers haven't even shhowned their faces to us with the exception of our form teacher....

  2. eehhh. don't worry, when it starts, it will seem like it'll never end. ._.