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ola y'all.

I look forward to ZITs comic the most whenever I read The Star newspaper. :P
Other than that, Garfield's sarcastic humour's good too! hahaaa.

So, I'm in 3 Daisi.
People are great; surroundings are way better than 2 Anggerik la.
Teacher get's more respect, not so noisy, more hardworking peeps,... yalah.
It's PMR year, so that's a better thing,
I guess.
I've completely forgotten that drama club is not open to Form 3's!!
AGH. I've already passed up the club form and stuff.! Cause of my Wednesday's being reaally packed,
I only get to choose from these..
- Cheerleading
( Me; cheerleader? ._. )
- Choir
( ok.. maybe I'll go for this.. uh)
( I have no idea what's this.)

AGH. They should have wrote it down in the club listings! Now I'll have to go find Pn Aini to ask her if it's really not open to form 3's, and find Pn. Gan to change me to Choir club.
zomg, I hope they have a open space!

I'm so glad Pn. Chan is teaching my class science!
She's half retired, stylish, and came to my class without any text/referrence book whatsoever! Everything she draws and write comes from her mind.
Her art is good too (She used to be 2 Anggerik's art teacher)
I don't think I can draw from my mind a whole structure of a lung, ever, tho.

Tomorrow's some public holiday. Probably I'll be at home trying to study.
My tuition teacher told me it takes some time getting used to studying. Once you're in it, then great la. I find it hard to avoid distractions.
But it helps when I close the door and have a huge mug of hot jasmine tea. :)
Sometimes I just stare at the work for ages. I need to concentrate...
... without an annoying brother blabbing about in my room.


I'll give up w.o.w till PMR. Starting from.. now.
It'll be interesting seeing how my brother will be able to do that. (or he might not.)

Ok, I'm in a zomg-it's-pmr-this-year chat right now.

Till the movie I Am Legend gets out of my head,

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