Happy New Year! :)

Happy New Year, everyone!
May this year be full of fun and suprises. May all wishes be fulfilled. May peace and goodwill fill this year. etc. etc. etc

Let's hope 2008 is waaay better than 2007. :)

zomg pmr pmr pmr pmr.


One Utama

The Curve
(They blocked the road for this event)

Went to OneUtama and TheCurve at 10.30pm to see New Year celebrations. It obviously made more sense to walk there, seeing there's gonna be horrendous traffic and stuffs.
Both of the shopping malls were FULL of people. There were even cars from Kelantan. Tons of tourists too. There were many trollies full of Vitagen around. Everyone grabs more than 4. Typical Malaysians! x]
OneU stage performances weren't anything interesting la... Just some unknown artistes and diGi yellow coverage fellows around. It was getting stuffy too.
So, me and my dad walked to The Curve.

Laundry bar was crowded with people. It was had to get around... Everyone had that snow spray thingie.
It made the whole place stink of artificial detergent lemon, and CFC was all over the place.
The Curve's clock must have been slow or something cause One Utama's fireworks were came like, 10 mins earlier than theirs. ( Looked at watch, The Curve's clock was 10 mins slow..)

*SWARMS of people*

Anyways, it was fun la.. :D

Till people stop smoking,... ]=\

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