Youth Camp 2007

zomg, do I not have anything better to do?
as retarded as this is, I've just found a website all about bananas.
Dontcha just love that banana phone song?
*big cheesy grin*
hahaha, how lifeless of me.
ok, continuing with my blog post title.

Id'll be lying if I said it was fun. It was VERY, VERY fun.
I've already used 5 pages of my journal for what we did from friday till sunday morning, still got much to write. I don't think I can blog about everything we did,
for now la.
That was my first youth camp ever. It's great to see so many good people- and also to worship God, of course. :D
Everyone is just so friendly, ya'know?

ok, my bro wants to use the computer soon...
*Toldja he's a hogger* @_@

zomg, this post is so short.

Till money isn't important anymore,

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