Honestly, I really like tags. But I hardly ever get tagged.
Because I was in Kay's Cbox.
Got tagged by this random tag.

5 things found in my bag (Sling bag):
- Tissues.Wet Ones.
- Chewing Gum
- Floss. (Phobia of stuffs between teeth.Really gross.)
- Lip Balm.
- Hand Phone. (wait,..sometimes I put it in my pocket.)

5 things found in my wallet :
- Cash
- Photostat IC.
- Plasters
- Vouchers
- Calender/Name cards

5 favorite things in my room :
- Pillows. (Dontcha just wanna DROWN in em? :D )
- Hamtaro. (Yes, it's squishy, soft, and it listens to you. What else more could you want? :)))
- Radio Clock. (Keeps me in track of the latest songs, and... the time.)
- Straw lazy chair. (Slouch and watch the day ggooo..)
- Books, magazines, broscheres(I collect em), food guides, text books,...etc. etc. etc. Like I've said, a book pinyata must have exploded on it.

5 things I've always wanted to do :
- Make Jocelyn shorter.
- Bake lots and LOTS of cookies for Christmas.
- Clear up my room.
- Eat forest grubs.. (eh, they say taste like cheese,y'know..)
- Stop raiding the fridge.

5 things I'm currently into :
- Gardening. Picking bugs off have never been this interesting. x]
- Explosm.net comics
- uhm uhm uhm...

5 people I'd love to tag :
- SHERWIN. (haha, something for you to blog about)
- uhm. Whoever that haven't done this tag before.
- ABI. x]
- Go tag yourself. :D I DARE YOUUU.

And another.


1 ) How old were you?

2) Where did you go to school?
First year in 1Y, Yuk Chai.

3 ) Where did you work?
Was studyinnn.

4 ) Where did you live?
Taman Tun.

5 )Where did you hang out?
School Canteen..

6 ) Did you wear glasses?

7 ) Who was your friend(s)?
Lots of em. Some forgotten... Jo, Hui Mei, Jeslin... etc etc etc.

8 ) How many piercings did you have?
Both ears. :) Want to have more. If parents let.

9 ) What car did you drive?
Under age.

10 ) Had you been to a real party?
Probably some aunty's tea party.

12 ) Had your heart broken?
When my brother took my gummie bears. *sniff*

13 ) Single/Taken/Married /Divorced?


1 ) How old were you?

2 ) Where did you go to school?
sjk(c)puay chai(2)

3 ) Where did you work?
UPSR. studyin.

4 ) Where did you live?
Same place.

5 ) Where did you hang out?
One Utama, The Curve, School, ..etc. etc. etc.

6 ) Did you wear glasses?
yes. Ugly blue oval ones.

7 ) Who were your friends?
Tons and tons and tons. All great. :D

8 ) Who was your crush?
You wouldn't want to like any of the guys there.

9 ) How many tattoos did you have?
Don't have. And don't need one.

10 ) How many piercings did you have?
1000. I wish lah. Same, both ears.

11 ) What car did you drive?
If only I could get my license at 12.

12) Had your heart broken?
UPSR results. URGGGGH.

13 ) Single/Taken/Married /Divorced?

1 ) How old are you?

2 ) Where do you work?
At where the heart is. Spread joy. :D

3 ) Where do you live?
Same place.

4 ) Do you wear glasses?
Yes. No longer the ugly blue ones. Hot red Esprits. :)

5 ) Who are your friends?
Old and New friends.Alot more awaits.. :D

6 ) Do you talk to your old friends?
Of course. :)

7 ) How many piercings do you have?
SAME. gahhhh.

8 ) How many tattoos?

9 ) What kind of car do you drive?
The 4 cm plastic Ford my brother gave me.

10 ) Has your heart been broken?
My results were horrendous. SHOOT ME.

11 ) Single/Taken/Married /Divorced?:

12 ) Where do you go to school?

13 ) Where do you hang out?
Old school, One U, The Curve.. etc. etc. etc.

And another. xxx

1.A random guy/girl comes up to you
and says 'hey?' you say?
- hiii. :D

2. What was the last thing you put in
your mouth?
- Flu medicine.

3 . What does your last text message
- " Do you have any new phone number nos like frm my church camp?"- Charis

4. The last song you listened to?
- Some random hit from the raddiiooo.

5. What's irritating you this very
- My throat's sore. Blocked nose too. :(

6 . Where is the rest of your family
right now?
- Everyone's sleepin.

7 . What did you do yesterday?
- Made mac and cheese for dinner. Added carrots and brother complained. ALOT.

8. Pick a scar on your body, how'd you
get it?
The one on my right leg which I've got from a thorn bush; or the one in my soul I got from ... insert emo-ness .

10. What do you want to do when
you get out of high school/college?
- Work, start a new life. CHANGE THE WORLD man!

14. Who's your most religious friend?
- Thomas ? I dunno.

16. If you could change your name to
anything what would it be?
- hweiich. / chiee. people can remember my name better...
but my name is special la. :D

18. What do you hate most about your
- I'm not in college la.

19. On your bed, what's your favorite
- Oh soft pillow-ness. Let me drown in em!

20. Last time you took a plane, where
was it to?
- Back to Malaysia from the states.

2 3. What's the first thing you would
with five million bucks?
Save up 3 quarters of it and do the obvious. duh.

27 . Next thing you'll spend money on?
- Super nice charm to add on to my super nice charm bracelet. :D

28. What's one toy you remember having
in the 90's ?

29. If you had a son what would you
name him?
- Something with a Z in it. I love that alphabet. hahaha

33 . Which of your friends do you argue
with most?
- haha, I don't usually remember arguments. take note: forgive and forget. :]

3 5 . Which of your friends you don't
argue with at all?
- Hamtaro. It just stare at you with these cute plasticy eyes. @_@


. In two words, explain yesterday :
- Unremember-able. uhhh.

2 . Who made u smile today?
- Blizzard Employee s lol! I CAN SWITCH SERVERS WITHOUT PAYING! woohoo.

3. What were u doing this morning at 8?
- Sleeping. I hardly ever wake up before 9 la.

4. What were u doing 15 minutes ago?
- Playing world of warcraft and in a same party with a noob that wouldn't buff and my brother got quite pissed at him.

5. Something that happened to u in
- Wasn't even born yet.

6. Last thing someone else said to you?
- Remember to turn off everything after 10pm! -father. whoops.it's 10.40 pm now.

7. What was ur answer?
- uhmhmm

8. Worst thing on television?
- TVIQ.wait, and playhouse disney. they're both so pathetic la!

9. What was in your e mail today?
- An email from Lol!Tees. They said I could just buy it straight from em in DJ! I LOVE THEIR SHIRTS.

10 . How many different beverages have
you drank today?
- haha. only one type. PLAIN o' water.

1 1. What is your favorite part of the
- (Varies) The morning! There's a whole day ahead of you! ok, but when you wanna go back to sleep, noh. zzz.

1 2 . Your current "To-Do" list?
- Set alarm later. Goin mamak tomorrow! x]

13. Where is ur best friend right now?
- (Jocelyn) SHE'S IN BALI. and she better bring back a souvenir for me. x]

14 . What color is ur toothbrush?
- White..

15. What are u wearing right now?
-Purple top; Red bottoms. Home wear.

1 6. Any plans for Friday night?
- (Tomorrow) GO SUNGEI WANG. :)

1 7. Least favorite place to shop.
- The pots and pans section in Robinsons. ZOMG. Mother takes ages in there.

18 . Things u bought today?
- Hot toe ring, dangly earring.. bla. bla.

19 . Last gift you received?
- Both things from no.18.

20. Who gave you that?
- My dear auntie.

21 . What made you sad today?
- I didn't get enough time to walk round in OneU. :(

- Kay Yen.
- Shufei
- Geraldine.
- Vannie
- Jocelyn.

Till the world is wiFi-ed,

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