The FunBug bit me! :D

hahaha. For Christmas, I want...
*Thinks hard*
Ok, I don't know what I want that I can actually get.
Unless someone outs there wants to give me a diamond, a cat, a plane, a laptop, a sushi bar, a genie in a lamp, a living dustbunny, a computer...
Fat hopes.

What have I been doing lately?
Nothing much, really..
At least there's something for me to look forward to..
-Jocelyn's and Charis's church (First Baptist) organized.
Their theme is Transform Us
"They wanted to make it like Transformers, kinda lame but yehh.. xD" -Jocelyn
She actually bought Hot Pink polish for those unlucky guys/girls . *gasp*
I better not sleep before she does. O_O
I can't prank on any of her church friends.
Not that I don't want to, of course. x]
I don't even know them...
haha. More new friends awaits..

Initially, Jo wanted to get sneezing powder.
I took to her to the joke shop.
Sneezing powder was quite a rip off. A small packet for like, rm4 or something? Anyways, the ingredients were pepper, talcum powder, cornstarch... etc.
The unending-flame candles seemed super cool! Imagine, your friend trys to blow the candles out the birthday cake..
It still goes on, and on, and on, and on......
Since I'm on birthdays, I've always wanted to do this.
I'll volenteer to "bake" a cake for a friend's birthday.
Get a small,small cake. Make it look BIG with LOTS AND LOTS of whipped cream.
Smash friend's head into cake.


It was Evelyn and William's wedding yesterday.
I didn't get to take picture of the bride and groom together. I think they hired 3 paparazzi or something!My bro performed a violin solo. There was a Violin competition judge in the audience.
He was very, nervous cause it was his first time performing THAT solo peice.Plus most of the peeps there are entertainment/drama/performers)

*Paigeboys and Flowergirls*

Anyways, there was this suprise performance by William's students.
( A big buncha kiddos, some Japanese dudes, own brother, and I)
We played "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xing" -which is a chinese classic love song.
6 of his kiddo students actually came to my house twice to practise.I played the piano tho.
There was a suprise for William.He expected just a performance, but then the host asked the kiddos what do they think of their teacher was what you wanna wish em.
Christopher went:
"I hope William and Evelyn will have a son.A son as cute as..ME!"
hahaha, it was cute. :D
His parents asked him to say that, probably.

*My brother was a paige boy! AHAHAHHA!!! see that cute girl there, she almost killed my hand phone :(( *

By the way, Evelyn is one of the main actors in Tunku the Musical.
haha, many of the folks there are quite well known, I think.Cause Evelyn is famous, and William is..uh, my violin teacher.That plays in the National Ochestra.
Their table was next to us.

*The theme was red roses*

* We were quite bored, so we sneaked up there. xD *

Till I learn French,
ciao. :D

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