FBC Youth Christmas Party 2007

FBC Youth Party yesterday. :D
It was fun!!
.... I wore a santa hat thru the whole party. haha.

As usual, parties always somehow start late. Me and Charis reached there really early, like 4pm or something. She baked really, really good cupcakes!
I took the one with the smiley. :D
Anyways, she showed me around and stuff. They have BB in Subang FBC every saturday. It's almost like a school. The last time I've been here was like 3 years /4 years ago? mhmm.
Jason and some other guys were making balloon sculptures.
He made Charis and Me a balloon flower. It was so cute, too bad the guys kept foolin around with it. pfffft. @_@
Julian (hm, if Jules was here, where's jo?) and some other peeps were practising in the hall.
While we were waiting for Michelle to come, me and Cha camwhored. hahahaha. :D

The whole area is so peaceful and calming.. :)
Till the guys (and Jocelyn) came.
Then, more people came pourin in la..
Michelle came! We were one of the first to get the ornaments. I got the one I decorated. :D
The sparkly white bauble with a candy cane, and a pin on flower.
hahaha. Pinned it to my green shirt. But I didn't really look like a Christmas Tree.
Me and Jo kept buggin Moses to see who's looks more like a Christmas Tree. x]
ME, of course. :D
Played some games, etc etc etc. Had dinner. Hey, we had a whole roasted lamb! How cool was that. :)

Moses and his "no expression" face...

Peter Poser Neik. x]

Adam the annoying.

Charis then distributed her wonderful cupcakes. Adam and Peter ate half of mine. ._.
I brought my bubble blower and Jo was messing around with people by blowing bubbles at their face. Then we got shoo-ed off cause there was alot of peeps eating 'round.
Headed off to the swings...

*I love swings! :D*

But when close to 12 people goes on it at once, you're bound to be afraid... o_o

Jocelyn was sitting on the top.

... her foot annoyed Daniel...

Adam was acting retarded all the way.

" I didn't know they could be so nutty"
"Well.., that's my church friends. xD"
Yes, that's my bubble blowing thingie.

.. but we were havin fun anyways.

The girls. :D

Peter and his gadgets. and my phone. ._.

Me and Jo. Moses got camera shy. hahaha.

I didn't have many pics cause Adam and Peter got hold of me and Jo's cam.
All the same, the party was awesome.
Can't wait till next year..!

Till there's snow in Malaysia,
ciao. :D

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