You'll get lost in my world.

This is so retarded. x]

There was this Metrojaya Big sale or something today.In MidValley Megamall.
My ma, uncle and I went there.
I had trouble waking up. I always do. @_@
While my ma and uncle went to the household stuff floor, I went to they ladies' department.

Honestly, I don't like shopping.That much.
I'ld rather go to a Food Exhibition or something..
Anyways, the ladies department is WAAY better than seeing pots and pans and showercaps and towels and bed spreads and cups and glasses and curtains and gloves and rugs and blankets and eggbeaters and ..and ...and ...

The only thing I look for when I go shopping with my friends is , as you all very much know..

shiny stuffs!

You know, the gem studded accessories. @_@
The BLING BLING! wooo.
Of course, I just stare at it. Not like I can afford it, not like my mother would buy it..of course.
She'll rather a "shiny" WMF frying pan or something.
Mothers, of course. :)

Without her exquisite taste in pots and pans, I wouldn't have such wonderful food. :D
I just wonder what's the difference between a wok and a stir-fry pan.Ok, maybe I DO know the difference..But, if you're gonna fry pasta or something, both can be used..right?

Anyways, Metrojaya is sorta caters to the working class peeps cause everything is like mostly rm50 and above.I had fun smelling perfumes.
(ah..who doesn't like to smell Gooood? :D)

My uncle and my mother took ages there.(What else would I expect? haa..)
After that, my mother had a round of looking at shoes.
Actually, I don't see what's the joy of collecting and gawping at shoes or stuff.
I guess some are pretty. Cause they have BLING BLING. *wheee*
Obviously, just pretty to look at.I don't think I'll go to places like the pasar malam wearing bling bling shoes.

If I find something I like, I'll stick to them for a Long, LONG time.
I do not follow trends blindly.It's just so not practical, y'know?
What I usually wear is this pair of practical Nike sandals.It's made out of rubber and it's very multi purpose. :D
I had it since Std5 .And I'm still using it.

My mother was eyeing some shoes, and trying it on and stuffs..
She didn't really find anything to her fancy, so we just went on.

We headed to The Gardens in MidValley.It's awesome!
There's this deli near the foodcourt they produce their very own sausages..!
HOW COOL IZZAT. *drools*
Chicken, Chorizo, Pork, Lamb, Italian..
I'm not a meat person but it was really good.
My dear mother and uncle bought close to 3 kg of the stuffs. Even after we bought it, we still continued to demolish the testers. It was waay too good. :P

Today was quite a foody day. :D
After that, I bought this whole blueberry cheesecake.And a bag of kettle chips.( Good stuffs, No Msg, No TransFat, No trace of Artificial gaboozlyduudeefleeuudles).
Even after a heavy lunch at the japanese bar at the food court, my mother and my uncle ordered rojak. xD
They were so full that they skipped dinner.
After that, my uncle took me to The Curve. I brought home half a dozen of little edible joys.
We are such a big foodie family. :D

Till clouds stop appearing in the sky,
Here comes I.

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