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I feel ..uh,.weird?.. using Blogspot now. Better get used to it..
Many unusual things happen when I least expect it, but I could hardly ever bring myself to blog. 2 reasons.
1. Family hovering pass.
- It is not fun when there's a little brother breathing down your neck commanding you to play W.o.W. It is also rather disturbing when your parents just pop out of nowhere and read your blog. That always leave me uncomfortable...

2. I think I have short term memory loss.
- Everytime I am about to blog something, my ideas just dissapears.If you've read A Place Called Here by Cecilia Ahern; it seems that the place called Here is where all missing things go to. Ideas, Laughter, Items, Memories.. etc. ok.anyways, I have this problem that's like this. When I want to type out something, I suddenly go all blank. It happens during exam time too. agggggggh.



Last Saturday was the Julliad Music Charity Concert.
If only I invited more people to come laaa..! I pity Willliam, Jacqueline and the rest of the Julliad Music staff... their effort to make this a success was sacrificing most of their time. Imagine, my violin teacher ate dinner at 10pm.
I wish the concert wasn't over cause it was actually quite fun...
I look forward to practise every Sunday! :D ; It's not everyday you getta work together with other people and their different instruments. Guitars and Violins sound REALLY awesome together. On that day itself, I felt abit sick tho.. =[
And Rachel's violin A string snapped on that day. o_o
Ah, my little naughty brother was a soloist that day. He practises worst at home; you people don't knowww! xD
Anyways, he was pretty good that day la..

ok, so I can't load any pictures on this blogsite provider. WHAT'S UP WHITZZAT! The "Add Image" link is cacated..

Imma go play World of Warcraft now.

Till the icebergs stop melting..

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