Pie Baking :D

My brother turns things around like that too. @_@
Today, me and my mother baked pie!
Turned out, she bought the wrong kinda pastry..
haha, but it turned out ok..
She was suppose to by some kinda roll out pastry dough...but she bought the flaky pastry dough.
We made Aussie Beef Party Pies. :D

Here's the ingredients.A huge chunka cooked minced beef ,and the pastry dough.

had to knead it alot.

The pastry dough is then flattened on that party pie mould. :D

After that,
we added in the stuffin.

*I know it looks smushy*

We had so much scrap dough left, so I decided to add those criss-crossy and smiley shapes they normally have on pies (Ok, maybe not the smiley)! x]
My brother did the egg glazing.It looks like a mess-
Into the oven it goes! :D


Now, to present it.


(My brother insisted on taking a pic of it before eating... ._. )

I had fun. :D

Till I get my Pie Fix,
'scuse me now.


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