Just for laughs. :D

Lol! I love lookin at Cyanide and Happiness comics. They're just too retarded. :D :D :D


I've just finished tuition. I heard that now the Ministry of Education in imposing all students to borrow books and all...

Here's some benefits of it.
- No need to buy
- Won't waste so much paper
- Don't need to drive to buy books (petrol is gonna run out! O_O *gasp*)
- People will at least know how to look after the books. (*ahemTHOSEKEKWAINDIANGUYSahem*)

But still..,
- We won't get so much freedom in scribbling all over the books. (No more comics D: )
- We can't keep it.
- It may have been USED.. *eww, he left his snot on page 6*
- It's Diirrrrtty.
- If you over scribble on it, they'll charge you. *I rather buy a new book than pay for a used one*

Which is better?

So, my conclusion is..
uh.I'm not sure myself.Since the government imposed on it, I guess we have to follow. Since we're not buying textbooks here, how am I suppose to study ahead for PMR?Reference bo0ks don't have as much content as the real stuff.
I guess I'll just hafta ask my tuition teacher.
I REALLY need to get good results now cause I want to go science stream. eek.
I wish I worked hard last time.


Especially the ones by these two shops.

BIG APPLE DOUGHNUTS at The Curve. At rm2 a peice, they're not that cheap, but it's SO worth it! :D :D :D

Jco doughtnuts at The Pavillion, KL is great too. But it's twice the price of Big Apple's, I think. Like rm4 or something. The range is bigger, I guess but.. I'll stick to Big Apple's.

Till paper runs out,

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