Everything comes with a reason.

If guys really did think like that, I'll be forever roflmao-

The Penguin Booksale was ... ok ...
honestly, Times 's booksale is better.
The amount of books is probably the same.
Cause my father taught it was gonna be as cold as Times 's one, he wore a long sleeved shirt and long pants. aaaggh, so sad.
We spent over budget.Imagine. Over rm 350++ on books! Mostly cause I happen to have bought 2 Harry Potter Books and my father bought a whole lotta travel and wine books so...
that's what happened to the hard earned cash....


Yesterday, I went to Charis's house for a sleepover to celebrate her birthday.Both she and Nabilah are ultra super insanely CHILDISH. They should go join the 2 Siantan kiddos. = =
>I never EVER like people doing this.
- Loggin into my accounts and changing anything about it without MY PERMISSION.
- Simply embarass me by typing crap to my friends AND calling my uncle a loser. That is so not funny. Do grow up.
- Immature peeps do this.
: "Hey, I've been seeing that dude on my street for quite some time..think he's new here"
Idiot : "Since you keep on seeing him you both are fated to be together."

I thrust people too easily. needa cut that out!

Anyways, we stayed out till 5am something. Charis kept on whining about wanting to sleep. I don't actually go to sleepovers to sleep! Anyways, I must have been exausted cause when I woke up, my face was smothered with Colgate toothpaste. IT'S NOT FUN. If you hadn't noticed, toothpaste is highly alkali and is very, very corrosive. I think my skins' peelin off. NOT FUNNY CHARIS.


This friday is the "It's A Girl's Thing" preview! I can't wait to go~
There's gonna be lots of things to see, celebs, fashion thingies.. bla bla bla..
In KL Convention Center. It's been a LONG time since I've gone out with Pauline to see stuff so she's coming along with me. :D whopdeedup.
Oh, how I got it?
I SUBSCRIBE TO FLAVOURS! *Huge, wide cheesy grin*


TONGUE TWISTERS ARE AWESOME! Before I go, try saying this.

I need not your needles,
They're needless to me,
For the needing of needles
Is needless, you see.
But did my neat trousers
But need to be kneed,
I then should have need
Of your needles indeed.

and also,

She sells sea shells by the sea shore!
:D *My personal fave*

Till I own Europe,
ciao. :D


  1. AHHHH. I FINALLY figured out you have a blogspot blog!!! I am a horrible person >.>
    Welcome to the club!!!

  2. DIEEEE XANGA LOCK!!! DIEEEEEEEE!!! *gets chainsaw*
    Chee-chee!!! =D