Anyways, it's all for the good times. :D

We've got the TICKET! :D

We went to KL Convention Center at 10am. I actually wanted to go at 9am la, but there was some kinda police road check thingie outside
Eastin that caused this traffic slow down.My dad's real pissed bout em.
That time, there was this line of 18 peeps, I think. Most of em were holding The Star preview cut out coupons (lol, first 250 peoples can only get in..)
Anyways, I asked this Crew woman working there wheter I actually need to q. She said I didn't need to.whopedeedup. :D

The face expressions of those peoples in the long qs were...shocking.They looked like they wanted me to drown in a tub of saturated fats or something...
Anyways, the goodie bags were cool and stuff.A huge buncha vouchers, promo items etc..
This official press dude from The Star actually asked my dad, Me and Pauline to hold up our goodie bags and take a pic! lol.I think it's because my dad is there.. xD
The It's A Girl Thing preview was great, but I expected it to be better la.There was actually reaaaally little stalls there.Apparently to rent one is like rm10,000 and more that's why. Me and Pauline were literally going around in circles. Things were not actually cheap anyways.

I brought like rm80 or something.I wanted to splurge on all that! But there was nothing THAT nice to splurge on. In the whole expo I only bought an eyeliner (lawl, I use it to draw tatoos on my face), one fresh new issue of Seventeen, and .. uh .. NOTHING ELSE. @_@

I took a big buncha surveys they had there, so I could take part in the Lucky Draw. I LOVE LUCKY DRAWS. :D :D
When I bought the Seventeen mag, I was entitled to this free hand dip in this ball container thingie. So, I just simply grabbed a weird florescent yellow one..
lol, I won some suff. x]

Inside it was two tinted sunscreens, one Nivea lipbalm (I actually wanted to buy that @_@), and some kinda whitening eye gel thingie. I'll prob give that to someone who will use it..
how lucky. :D :D :D
Anyways, I didn't really see any celebrity there! hmm..
Lots of promoters, TOO MANY promoters..
They'll drag you to one place, go "blabblabthis-product-really-works-i-tried-it-look-at-me-so-cheap-only-rm500blabblab".


There was this free rock climbing thing too. AGGGGH, it was only for those peeps 18 and above.I asked them if rock climbing was only for that age, they said they had some kinda agreement and stuff so...yeeeaaa..

Anyways it was fun. That early bird rm8000 promotion voucher was useless. I didn't even use one. @_@
All the promotions are like..
"RM500 off your massanging chair!" The original price is rm400. You still need to pay rm3500 for it. Nothing in the voucher is FREE.
another example:
*- For the first 50 customers only.

Anyways, it's all for the good times. :D

:D hahaha.

Till men sets foot on Mars,
adios. =]


  1. hahahaha..
    Wait till your mum turns like mine which is ALWAYS shopping at the pots and pans section.. Now,
    THAT'S SCARY. @_@