Happy 2016!

I miss this space. Drafts accumulate on my dashboard, never to appear on my actual blog.
So many things happen every single day, and I miss having the time to jot down my thoughts for memories here. But at least - life is exciting right now - stress and uncertainty might creep up on some days, but I can confidently say that I am looking forward to the future.

I am grateful for how things are aligned the way they are right now, and blessed to come from a  loving family who supports me in every way possible and beyond, and to experience life here at UMass.

Can't really summarize the past few years down, so here's an outline:
(One day... I will elaborate them in detail..)

Sophomore Year (2014/2015)

- Moved to a Z-Room in Coolidge Hall, Southwest. The high-rise buildings at SW are notorious for crazy party kids and constant loud noise. Luckily for me, people on my floor weren't too bad. It still got loud pretty often, but nothing intolerable. It's college, right? Also - living in Southwest means easy access to the two best dining halls on campus, Hamp and Berk.

Isn't the view amazing? I miss the towers.